• 92.6% of ALL respondents favor Canna-Pet® to SOME, MOST or ANY medications*
  • 92.0% report Canna-Pet® helps RELIEVE SEIZURES OR CONVULSIONS*


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About three years ago, our rescue pup, Luci, started having periodic seizures. Knowing I didn’t want to resort to medicine for this unless it was my last alternative, I started doing research on her current food and other methods of treating seizures for dogs. After the combination of both new dog food and daily CBD pills, I am happy to report my little girl has had a seizure free life now for the last two years and hopefully forever.

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My cat has terrible seizures. To our surprise, the CBD capsules stopped his seizures; and now, we get them to help keep him healthy.

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Two and a half years ago, my Cocker Spaniel started having seizures out of nowhere. I bought the three pack of the CBD biscuits and within weeks my Montee was back to himself again. I know your biscuits were the reason I got to keep him with me for 2.5 more years. Unfortunately, he got sick and passed one week ago 💔 but I feel so lucky and thankful I had so much more time with him. And two years ago, the vet told me he MIGHT live another year. By the way, he only had one more seizure after I started giving him your product.

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She was diagnosed with a large mass on each of her adrenal glands. This is causing her to pant, have tachycardia, and stress. Canna-Pet has calmed her down enough to be able to sleep and not pant as much.

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Rex has severe anxiety and terrible seizures due to trauma from previous owners. Our neighbor gave us a sample of their max CBD hemp oil and it has changed his life! His anxiety has gone down to minimal and his seizures are so limited we forget he has most the time. Thank you so much for helping this sweet boy have an amazing life!

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I bought Naima a 3-pack of CBD biscuits from Canna-Pet and her appetite is back to her voracious normal, and there have been no more seizures. She also seems to have chilled out quite a bit and is much less jumpy. All the improvements have started since I started giving her the biscuits daily.

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vv is 17 years old and has dementia which makes him bark nonstop at midnight. CBD MAX OIL helps in soothing his emotions. After a few drops of CBD MAX OIL, he stops barking in 20-30mins.

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Apollo is an adorable Border Collie mix who started having seizures around 4 years old. I decided to try adding the Advanced MaxCBD capsules into the mix to see if it would help. We started this in January and since then, we’ve gotten about eight weeks between seizures and the first time he had a seizure after starting the CBD, we were able to get him out of it by just giving him extra Keppra between his other meds.

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Capitu started to have Canna Pet after having some slight seizures and since then she’s completely free from these episodes.

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Our dog Addie has had epilepsy since she was 2. She has been on CBD since Christmas and has been seizure free for 6 months!! It has truly changed her life

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He has been epileptic his entire life and about a year ago the frequency of his seizures increased dramatically. We added in the Canna-Pet biscuits. He gets 2 biscuits, morning and night. Since then he’s been able to go for months instead of weeks without seizures.

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I have a senior dog named Jasper who has epilepsy and seizures. We tried your 30 hemp capsules and liked it, as well as another brand of hemp oil. Together, they relieve my dog so much. Thank you for your products. They make my dog happy and healthy.

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Claire & Lucy

With one of my dogs being a rescue, all these new things left them anxious, scared, and very clingy. My r