• 92.6% of ALL respondents favor Canna-Pet® to SOME, MOST or ANY medications*
  • 83.2% report Canna-Pet® helps RELIEVE ANXIETY*
  • 64.8% report Canna-Pet® helps THUNDERSTORM OR FIREWORKS PHOBIA*


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I got my order yesterday and gave all 4 of my dogs one of your max biscuits (I have 3 seniors and one who is 3).  EVERYONE slept through the night, including me! Mandy (my anxious 3-year old) whines to get out of the crate and get in bed with me or if she is in our bed keeps flipping around. You guys have been so unbelievably helpful I cannot thank you enough!

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We found Canna-Pet Maple Bacon Max CBD cookies many years ago, when living in Washington, and have used them successfully for her noise aversion in many states, homes, and situations.

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But then they brought home some Canna-pet CBD supplements and I feel soooo much better. I can relax and enjoy being a member of the family again. 🙂

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Bandito De Corazones

I truly believe this product has improved his quality of life!

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Rory and Duke

The only thing that has helped both of my pups has been the max cbd treats. I give them some almost daily and they RARELY limp if at all! Rorys anxiety is so much better and we are all so happy.

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We must report that our Toy Yorkie Hadly does get evening anxiety & with the support of the Canna pet advanced Small CBD supplement she has really improved with her anxiousness!!

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With these biscuits she was able to relax and even sleep during a storm. So we decided to try them when she got older for her failing hips and pain. They worked wonders!

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Canna Pet CBD Maple Bacon Biscuits really made a difference in our Weimaraner Bailey. She’s a senior and was having some difficulty walking- After a few months eating her ‘cookies’, her mobility and anxiety have improved tremendously!

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Charlie has gotten inflammation in his front legs and canna pet has been very effective to helping Charlie feel better and not overdoing harm to his legs.

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The CBD biscuits keep him comfortable and relaxed. He has one every night at bedtime and shows no anxiety or discomfort.

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We give her the CBD treats when it is supposed to thunderstorm and when there are fireworks and they work great! Makes us happy to see her so much more calm during the scary moments.

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Skyy, Blitzen & Paris

Now I keep them on a 1/2 biscuit every night at bed time and they are very happy and content! Thank you Canna-Pet

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Canna-Pet gives our 14 yr old St Bernard Payton lots of calm patience learning to love our new “rescue” puppy Redmond!

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Greg & Gracey

Canna-Pet has been a great help settling them down. Great product. My dogs love this. Calms them.

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Athena was a cruelty case with PTSD as the affects of being treated so badly.  They recommended I pair anti-anxiety medication with Canna-Pet.  We have been ordering it and it’s working wonders! 

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Tucker was diagnosed with Idiopathic seizure disorder. This poor little guy is at the maximum dosage of his seizure medications. So we ordered one bottle of the Canna-Pet CBD. Since the introduction twice a day, he is no longer anxious, is sleeping through the night, and is back to a general playful self!

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Canna-Pet® as a Natural Alternative to Supplements Like Chondroitin or Glucosamine for Dogs

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Just like us, our pets suffer from stress, anxiety, and fear. While our fear may be induced by clowns, or our stress by a heavy workload, our pets are affected in a different way. One of the most common causes of dog phobia stems from what dogs were (or weren’t) exposed to in their puppyhood. It’s up to us to teach our dogs what is a threat and what is a normal occurrence.

While fear-triggers are sometimes avoidable, some stressful situations for our pets are not. Such as, leaving them in the house alone or travelling by car or plane. Learn to spot dog anxiety symptoms and how we’ve been able to better help pets adjust to their various anxieties and phobias.

*Survey conducted by Colorado State University, published in the Journal of the AHVMA, 2016. Results are from 457 dog owners, with an opinion, confirming that Canna-Pet® products have helped a moderate amount or a lot with individual issues.