• 92.6% of ALL respondents favor Canna-Pet® to SOME, MOST or ANY medications*
  • 83.2% report Canna-Pet® helps RELIEVE ANXIETY*
  • 64.8% report Canna-Pet® helps THUNDERSTORM OR FIREWORKS PHOBIA*



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When we adopted Popeye 5 and half years ago we never would have imagined the health issues we would face with him. He was a backyard breed Staffordshire Bull Terrier who at one and half needed surgery for his sever elbow dysplasia, then about a year later he tore his right rear ACL. He has…

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I write to you with tears in my eyes. Our dog Bella has never acted like part of the family until now. She is no longer afraid of thunder, she is moving around so much better, and she is actually watching the TV. We have had her 7 years and she has only glanced maybe…

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My dog, Fimm, and her brother making heart bums whenever we babysit! Fimm (on the right) suffers from generalized anxiety. Canna-pet is the first thing that has truly helped her! We get a maple bacon biscuit everyday, and the Max CBD Drops for extra nerve-racking occasions. She starts licking the air as soon as she…

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Irwin had 11 grand mal seizures on Thursday to give you an idea of how severe his seizures are. We received our Canna-Pet package on Saturday and that evening gave him his first dose and treats. He was so relaxed he did not have to be crated inside our home. Normally he is very anxious…

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My foster border collie has a lot of anxiety which caused her to exhibit some aggressive behavior with my other dogs. The vet put her on an anti-anxiety drug, Clomicalm. We were unaware that it could upset her stomach. It caused her to get really sick. The vet took her off of the medication for…

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Bruce has always been a high strung pug, especially with fireworks and loud storms, so on the recommendation of a colleague, I tried Canna Pet and it worked wonders. Later on, Bruce herniated a disc and would have a type of spasm in his rear end as well as inflammation in his spinal canal where…

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Since starting CannaPet Sir Duke has less problem with his allergies, anxiety, and a better appetite.

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Dexter has horrible allergies – whether its fleas, the season, dry skin, he’s always itching at something. Canna-Pet has worked wonders for his uncomfortable skin. I rarely find him scratching and he seems happier than ever. We’ve also used Canna-Pet to help keep him calm and relaxed in the car and while flying! Works like…

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I removed Max from Tramadol and Rimadyl for moderate soft tissue and osteoarthritic changes including trauma to the cranial cruciate ligament and medially luxating patella approximately 3 weeks after his initial injury. I was very concerned about the long-term side effects of the prescription medications and searched for a more natural solution. I came across…

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Hazel the Nut

Hazel The Nut is a young dog I took in as a foster and ultimately fell hard in love with and formally adopted. She spent most of her development in near-total isolation. This is has made it difficult for her to fully communicate well with people and her uncertainty creates stress for her that manifests…

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The vet put Zion on Tramadol for pain, but I only ended up giving him 2 tablets as they caused him to be confused and generally just unhappy. Chows can be medication sensitive I’ve learned, and that was clearly the case here. Then a friend recommended Canna-pet. Also a chow owner, she raved about how…

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Georgia was born with a Chiari Malformation and subsequently diagnosed with Syringomyelia in 2011. In addition to this painful neurological disease, she was also born with luxating patellas and chronic dry eye. I was told not to expect my dog to live past age 3 because syringomyelia is progressive and a point would come when…

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Princess Fiona McSnuggles

Fiona has a brain tumor that sits on the area that controls wake/sleep patterns and temperature regulation. In early June, she began sleeping very little at night. She would pant, bark, walk around and only slept for short periods of time. None of us were getting much sleep at night. My vet recommended CBD oil…

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Excellent for Jules’ anxiety. One biscuit seems to calm him without “doping” him. I can’t say enough wonderful things about this product!

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When Lexi came home with us at 8 weeks old she was just like every other puppy. By 5 months old she started having trouble walking. By 9 months she couldn’t walk on her own at all and was dependent on her cart. It was discovered she had severe scoliosis. Her spine was bent in…

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My pom/chu I bought her for $100 when A breeder was selling her at the young age of 2weeks old, since cutie was separated from her mother pup to early she did not learn many things other pups learn from there mothers she in return developed anxiety issues, IBS , and canine OCD with severe…

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Just like us, our pets suffer from stress, anxiety, and fear. While our fear may be induced by clowns, or our stress by a heavy workload, our pets are affected in a different way. One of the most common causes of dog phobia stems from what dogs were (or weren’t) exposed to in their puppyhood. It’s up to us to teach our dogs what is a threat and what is a normal occurrence.

While fear-triggers are sometimes avoidable, some stressful situations for our pets are not. Such as, leaving them in the house alone or travelling by car or plane. Learn to spot dog anxiety symptoms and how we’ve been able to better help pets adjust to their various anxieties and phobias.


*Survey conducted by Colorado State University, published in the Journal of the AHVMA, 2016. Results are from 457 dog owners, with an opinion, confirming that Canna-Pet® products have helped a moderate amount or a lot with individual issues.