• 92.6% of ALL respondents favor Canna-Pet® to SOME, MOST or ANY medications*
  • 95.0% report Canna-Pet® provides PAIN RELIEF*
  • 82.3% report Canna-Pet® helps REDUCE VOMITING OR NAUSEA*


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Thank you for taking interest in our story. Willie is a sweet loving little girl who has totally bonded, but the nausea still has its days. I tell both my friends about your CannaPet. It works.

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Lizzie & Tabby

Ok well we’ve been using the advanced max liquid for 2 months now and I’m happy to report that the tumors in Tabby’s mouth are shrinking and she’s feels si much better acting like a kid again and not so stressful YEA!!!

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I am pretty sure that without Canna-pet, her cancer would grow much more faster.

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I was thrilled to find Canna-pet!! We started with the Advanced capsule two times a day and saw an immediate improvement on the amount of weight she would put on her leg. She also seemed to have a quite a bit more energy.

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Precious has been more playful and has a better appetite since starting her Canna-Pet. I am very pleased with the improvement and would recommend it to anyone whose pet is diagnosed with cancer. Thank you very much

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Canna-pet has helped Kismet greatly with the side effects of his chemotherapy. He seems to get through it better with less nausea when I started using canna-pet.

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We truly feel Canna-Pet is a God send and is helping Izzy be comfortable in this last stage of his life. Thanks for offering this product!

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We love Canna pet and plan to keep using it for hopefully another year. Thank you for giving him another year and hopefully more.

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Santo Tomas

Canna-Pet is great for palliative care and for treating nausea in elder-cats that are gradually dying from cancer, yet still have quality of life and clearly want to live. Canna-Pet was the only thing that worked and gave Santo Tomas great rest and a good appetite.

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Our veterinarian Dr. Linda James recommended Canna-Pet. We have been giving him the liquid canna-pet 2 to 3 times per day. Dobie is doing remarkably well and my spouse and I feel that Canna-Pet has been very helpful with Dobie’s recovery.

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Bello is now 8 yrs old and while his lymphoma has recently returned, the liquid canna-pet is a regular part of his treatment regimen and I am a firm believer that Bello’s remission is due in large part to canna-pet’s ability to keep him free from nausea, increase his appetite and overall well being so that he eats, takes his herbal supplements and keeps his weight on. Bello has almost tripled the regular remission time period for dogs with lymphoma.

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After doing some online reading, I was brought to this site called Canna-Pet. I decided to give it a shot, and I am so thankful I did. This is our 2nd month using this product twice a day with Sasha. She is on the advanced large. In the past 2 months, she is a back to her old self!

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In December 2016 we were told she had cancer and had 2 to 4 weeks to live. Were it not for Canna Biscuits that might have been true. But that limp little Corgi came back to life. We hadn’t seen that much energy from her since she was a puppy. Every minute of this time was a gift to us and Chey.

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Finally, I found Canna-Pet. I started with the Advanced Max and am now using the Advanced. All these changes were initially just to try and keep Luca comfortable and happy for as long as we could. We did not have much hope of anything beyond that.

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After treatment, Loba would come home, sleep, then wake up pacing and in significant discomfort. Four drops of Canna-Pet on her tongue, less than 4 minutes time, and comfort would wash over Loba, she would lay down comfortably on her bed and sleep the night. Another 4 drops in the morning would last her well through the day. This enabled Loba to last all the way through Chemo.

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She was diagnosed with bone cancer in her back femur in December 2017 and her vet is astonished she is even around still and still walking. I think it has everything to do with the Canna-Pet oil and biscuits I give her.

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Cancer is the scariest diagnosis, and one that most pet owners will hear: cancer is the leading cause of death for all dogs over the age of twoAlthough it may seem unfathomable that your furry ball of energy could ever grow weak from cancer, it is an all-too-common reality for pets today. Common types of cancer in pets include:

If you notice that your fur kid has lost weight, lost their appetite, are reluctant to exercise and are suffering from unusual swellings or sores that won’t go away, you should take him to the vet right away.

We realize that treatments often involve large veterinary bills and medications with significant side-effects. Natural, supplemental therapies are a priority for responsible pet parents. Learn how Canna-Pet has been able to make a difference with cancer in dogs, tumors, abnormal cell growth – and more.


*Survey conducted by Colorado State University, published in the Journal of the AHVMA, 2016. Results are from 457 dog owners, with an opinion, confirming that Canna-Pet® products have helped a moderate amount or a lot with individual issues.