• 92.6% of ALL respondents favor Canna-Pet® to SOME, MOST or ANY medications*
  • 95.0% report Canna-Pet® provides PAIN RELIEF*
  • 82.3% report Canna-Pet® helps REDUCE VOMITING OR NAUSEA*


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I’d like to share a testimonial about our 12-year-old puppy, Honey. We found out that she had inoperable terminal cancer of the liver and pancreas back on Halloween of 2016. She was given a couple months to live and was put on medication to make her comfortable. Honey had already been on medication for previous…

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Back in May 2015, Shelby was diagnosed with a brain tumor. I was told by her neurologist she had 6 months left to live. Three months into her diagnosis I thought I was going to have to put her down. She was having multiple seizures a day and she was in diapers because she could…

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After running a few tests, Neve’s vet suspected that her seizures were caused either by severe calcium deficiency or brain tumors. I started giving her supplements and eggshells to treat the calcium deficiency diagnosed by the ionized calcium blood test and because of the fact that if she had tumors I wouldn’t want her to…

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8 months ago she started loosing all the muscle mass on the left side of her skull and her eye was completely sunken in. We consulted a neurologist, and the neurologist thinks she has a tumor wrapping around her masticatory nerve. We started her on a high dose of predisone, which didn’t help at all…

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Junior was diagnosed with bladder cancer in October of last year. I was told that after 13 adventured filled years together, there would likely be less than six months more. I was crushed but thrilled to know we had time. We discovered the cancer because he had stones trying to pass from his bladder. As…

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Butter is undergoing her second round of radiation for an inoperable large cancerous tumor in her head. Canna-pet helps her to make it through. Keeps her comfortable and I believe a secondary benefit is enabling her to have less stiffness in her joints.

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A few years ago Chumley was diagnosed with cancer. He was operated on twice, it was horrible and the doctors said it would come back for sure, he would eventually have to have skin grafts and it would be brutal. I decided on a different route. After searching alternative healing methods, I found canna-pet. The…

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My 10 yo dobie girl was diagnosed with osteosarcoma and was given about 1 month to live. We had her on pain meds, but she continued to limp. Desperate to keep her comfortable, we decided to try canna-pet…..within 3 days, we noticed a big difference!! We were able to take her off almost all of…

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Arlo developed what was believed to be vaccine associated sarcoma after a routine rabies injection. The tumor was removed during the initial biopsy and then we followed that up with a six week course of radiation, on the vets recommendation. We were told that with that treatment strategy we had an 80-85% chance of remission,…

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My little dude tinker, 10 lbs and soon to be 13 yes old was diagnosed about the 7 cm sarcoma in his lungs. He coughed constantly due to the pressure on his airway and was totally miserable. There were some days I thought I was going to have to take him in and put him…

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My dear dog, Margarita, has a squamous cell carcinoma tumor on the soft palate close to her tonsils. She was having a very hard time sleeping comfortably, she tossed and snored, and chocked in her sleep and several times during the day, when eating her food or going for a walk. One day after starting…

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This handsome guy is Dakota. On July 31st we rushed him to the animal hospital for golf ball size lymph nodes. After some tests, we were told that he has lymphoma. He was given a few weeks to a month to live. I nearly hit the floor when we got the news. I felt like…

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Princess Fiona McSnuggles

Fiona has a brain tumor that sits on the area that controls wake/sleep patterns and temperature regulation. In early June, she began sleeping very little at night. She would pant, bark, walk around and only slept for short periods of time. None of us were getting much sleep at night. My vet recommended CBD oil…

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Canna-Pet CBD capsules helped our Ashley thru chemo and helps to calm her and keep her comfortable as she also has hip dysplasia as well as canine COPD. We swear by these and continue to give her the capsules on a daily basis. Ashley has been in remission from Lymphoma since August 2015. Canna-pet CBD…

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About a week after starting my 17-year-old tabby boy Spider, on Canna-Pet, he started acting like a new cat! He has always been a picky eater, and over the last year he has at times completely stopped eating and lost half a kilo in weight. Since being on Canna-Pet, he has been eating really well…

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The scariest diagnosis, that most of pet owners will hear: cancer is the leading cause of death for all dogs over the age of two. Although it may seem unfathomable that your furry ball of energy could ever grow weak from cancer, it is an all-too-common reality for pets today. Common types of cancer in pets include:

  • Mammary gland cancer
  • Lymphoma
  • Mast cell tumors
  • Osteosarcoma (bone cancer)

If you notice that your fur kid has lost weight, lost their appetite, are reluctant to exercise and are suffering from unusual swellings or sores that won’t go away, you should take him to the vet right away.

We realize that treatments often involve large veterinary bills and medications with significant side-effects. Natural, supplemental therapies are a priority for responsible pet parents. Learn how Canna-Pet has been able to make a difference with canine cancer and more.


*Survey conducted by Colorado State University, published in the Journal of the AHVMA, 2016. Results are from 457 dog owners, with an opinion, confirming that Canna-Pet® products have helped a moderate amount or a lot with individual issues.