Health Issues:

This is Lovey my Pit Bill. Someone threw her away. She was abandoned and was roaming the streets until one day she found my husband. She was literally skin and bones. She was so skinny her spine bone was showing. Apparently someone had her and turned her into a baby machine. She also had bite marks all over her and on the top of her head. However, with all of this done to her she was a sweetheart! We took her to the veterinarian because she had 2 big masses one on each side of her chest. The Veterinarian said it looked malignant. Lovey had a detachment disorder every time my husband left her. She would howl and howl which got me nervous because I didn’t want to disturb the neighbors. I found the Canna-Pet advanced organic Ham Bacon dog biscuits and started to give her that 3 times a day. Long story short, her howling totally stopped, those 2 big masses disappeared and now she’s a happy, healthy loving dog! That was almost a year ago and I still give her those biscuits. She lives inside the house with all of my cats and my other 2 dogs. They all get along. The picture shows Lovey sleeping with Tom, one of my cats.