My Wilford (cat, 14+ years old) has a long history of orthopedic and digestive woes, vomiting a lot and eventually rejecting food. Besides not feeling well but still wanting to eat, he would look at his food and walk away. Vet after vet all said the same thing; told me to plan for the “end”. Feeling pretty rotten and rejected, we were excited- actually ecstatic- when we heard about Canna-Pet. We started with the small capsules and within an hour Wills started chowing down- Amazing! Formerly having rejected any decent quality food, Wills started to try new, species appropriate food and here we are 4 years later, running around like a 16 year old on most days! We’re now dealing with kidney disease, heart disease and spondylosis with probable nerve impingement requiring daily pain med. Rather than being sedated all the time, we’re using less pain med and supplementing with both the capsules (doesn’t like it mixed in food) plus the liquid, and on most days, seeing super results. We still have our off days when we need more pain med but overall, we have a good balance. Going forward won’t be easy with his complex diseases, but for sure we can say this is the best he’s felt in his lifetime! We are grateful- truly grateful- for Canna-Pet because in spite of many vets telling us Wills was toast, he’s still rocking on. Now when we have checkups, we PROUDLY let everyone around us know that we use cannabinoid therapy and they should too.

Ailments: Appetite, Digestive Issues (Cat), Pain (Cat), Vomiting


I have a chihuahua mix rescue that suffers from huge anxiety. I am the only person she trusts and she was afraid of other dogs. My veterinarian put her on Canna-pet and the results were amazing. She became much calmer and happier. She hangs out with me and my roommates in the living room now when we are watching TV. I took her to doggie daycare and she loves it! Thanks Canna-pet!

Ailments: AnxietyBreeds: Chihuahua, Mixed


This rascal is my 15 year young, Bucky. About 6 mos. ago he started having terrible muscle spasms at night that looked almost like mild seizures. We had him checked out by a neuro vet which was inconclusive. We started him on Advanced Canna-Pet and what a difference! Sleeping through the night comfortably every night.

Ailments: Muscle Spasms, Neurological DeclineBreeds: Siberian Husky, Mixed


We rescued our Lucy about 9 years ago, and she is the best dog ever. She is smart, loyal, and always there to cheer us up when we are sad. About a year ago, we noticed her hips started bothering her, and she has stopped wanting to play. After the vet tried some prescriptions that just made her sick, we started to research alternatives. We came across Canna-pet, and we couldn’t be happier! Lucy is back to her old self, playing and eating well again! Thank you so much.

Ailments: PainBreeds: Mixed


Our Candy turned 18 years old a couple of weeks ago. Her heart is strong, her numbers get better every year. I can’t believe she’s still with us. Canna-pet is the only reason she’s still able to walk. I’ve had her on it for 3 years now, slowly increasing the dose. I’ve found her ability to get use out of her back hips and legs is directly related to how much Canna-pet she receives. I don’t know where we’d be without it. I’ve recommended Canna-pet to every pet owner I know over the years. Thank you for keeping the quality of this product so high, and for aiding in the quality of our beloved creatures’ lives.

Ailments: PainBreeds: Pekingese


I’d like to share a testimonial about our 12-year-old puppy, Honey. We found out that she had inoperable terminal cancer of the liver and pancreas back on Halloween of 2016. She was given a couple months to live and was put on medication to make her comfortable. Honey had already been on medication for previous disorders and we felt that her remaining time on this earth should be spent without the nasty side effects of steroids so we looked into Canna-Pet. Fast forward 6 months(4 months longer than she was given) and Honey is as happy as can be. She’s grown back muscle mass and has more energy. She also has the healthiest coat of hair that’s she’s ever had in her life. All while completely free of medication. And while there’s no telling just how much more time we have with Honey, it warms our heart to know that her final days here have been filled with joy and happiness. Thank you Canna-Pet.

Ailments: CancerBreeds: Mixed, Chinese Shar-Pei


I’ve been using Canna-Pet since 10/2016. When I first I adopted Charlie from a rescue, I had no idea just the level of anxiety and fear he would have when we brought him home. He couldn’t even go outside and relax enough to go potty! Our vet recommended considering CBD treats as she has had colleagues recommend for their dog patients but never had any of her own patients use them. Poor Charlie was really having a hard time and I was willing to try ANYTHING to help him out. Happy to share that he went from an anxious ball of fear to a happy go lucky energetic dog since then. Of course we did a lot of training with him but Canna-Pet really helped Charlie’s training be more effective and put him in the more relaxed state of mind to be trainable! And…. of course he loves them! We still use them before car rides and going new places if we feel it could help. Certainly doesn’t hurt. No grogginess or dopy dog syndrome. A lifesaver for me and my pup!

Ailments: AnxietyBreeds: American Pit Bull Terrier


I purchased 3 boxes of the cookies for my 14yr old dog for when he came home from a surgery.  He was already, pre-surgery, maxed out on pain meds due to a back injury and arthritis, so I hoped these would help. THEY DID!  His recovery was definitely better due to the cookies, which I gave 3, 4x a day (he is 70lbs) and was supposed to be calm and mostly immobile for a few days.  These helped.  He has now recovered from the surgery, but I continued with the cookies to help with his arthritis and added the Advanced CBD pills, 1, 2x a day and it has made a HUGE improvement with his walking and day to day pain management. Thank you for creating such a great product for pets. I personally use CBD products for my own chronic pain issues and am so happy there was something I felt safe in giving my dog.

Ailments: Arthritis, PainBreeds: Dalmatian


She is in congestive heart failure and is on meds that made her appetite nearly nonexistent. The Canna-Pet biscuits have brought her appetite back and she doesn’t seem to be struggling as much to climb up onto the furniture. Definitely recommend Canna-Pet!

Ailments: Appetite, PainBreeds: Labrador Retriever


She will be 14 yrs old in September. She has arthritis and was starting to not want to eat. I started her on the Canna-Pet biscuits and she is eating Iike she used to and is able to climb the stairs much easier.

Ailments: Appetite, Arthritis, PainBreeds: Kerry Blue Terrier