Our 10 y.o. min pin, Reggie was literally near euthanasia. The same week we had an appt for that very thing, I grasped at straws, ordering the Canna-Pet capsules, hopeful but skeptical, as was my fiance. He had a ‘suspected’ slipped disc in his neck that only steroids helped to relieve his pain and discomfort but unfortunately, no animal can stay on indefinitely. The only other solution was surgery that we could not afford. His gusto and will to live was diminishing with each day all he could do was literally lay around and sleep. His cries, whimpers and howling broke your heart more and more and we knew the day was coming we had to say goodbye. He had no quality of life and we even had to carry him to go the bathroom. Acupuncture was highly recommended so we hopefully and excitedly tried it. We were, at that time, also recommended to try ‘hemp oil’ for dogs. I looked into cannabis for dogs and found your site. My fiance was convinced it wasn’t going to work but I had a glimmer of hope after reading all the testimonials. They arrived in the mail the day after we were scheduled to put him down and started him off on two capsules per day. Days went by with little to no improvement but I wasn’t ready to give up. The person I spoke with said we needed to give the pills a minimum of 3 weeks to take full effect. With that, we started him on 3 pills per day and ordered another 60 pills that came with free biscuits. I’m super flipping stoked to report after a short 22 days since his first pill, our baby (mind you, 10 years old), has SPRUNG back to life. He originally could not put any pressure on his left foot(limped on 3 most of the time)and was just told that he was starting to get muscle atrophy from it not being used…since the Canna-Pet, he fully walks on all 4 now, RUNS across the room when he hears ‘biscuit’ and actually looks forward to getting his pills because he knows its wrapped in peanut butter! His quality of life has gone from NONE to a 10+. I’m so glad I gave it time to work on our baby…what a difference this product has made on our lil guy. Thanks Canna-Pet for putting the spring back in our babies step and his will to live!

Joint & Mobility Issues, Pain, Weak Bones


Bean is our 10 year old lab mix who is showing signs of his age so we recently added Canna-Pet to his daily meals. Where he was having trouble getting up from laying down he can get up a little quicker and easier. When we found Bean he had broken both bones in his right front leg, he sometimes limps when he is walking/running and we are seeing improvements there as well. We are super impressed with is results since it’s only been a few weeks he has been on Canna-Pet.

Aging, Pain


Buck is our death row rescue and I think he saved us actually! When we adopted him he was really skinny, had no hair on the tip of tail and deemed vicious! He unfortunately was labeled with the typical Staffordshire Bull Terrier stigma. They couldn’t have been more wrong and boy are we glad we didn’t listen to them. Now he is fat and the happiest boy ever, all it took was a lot of love and Canna-Pet. Buck’s tail had missing hair because his allergies were so severe he would chew it as well as his feet to they were raw and bleeding. We switched his food to a grain free diet, added fish oil, yogurt and Benadryl. All of the above helped…well kinda. He would still chew his feet but not as severely. My wife and I did not like the idea of him living on Benadryl so in my research for Popeye I read about the benefits Canna-Pet has for allergies. We replaced the Benadryl with 2 pill each meal and almost instantly he stopped chewing his feet, even the eye boogers he would have every morning are gone. The only time he chews now is when it has wore off and its time for dinner. My wife and I are happy with Buck’s results and are a firm believer in Canna-Pet. We have put away the Benadryl forever.



When we adopted Popeye 5 and half years ago we never would have imagined the health issues we would face with him. He was a backyard breed Staffordshire Bull Terrier who at one and half needed surgery for his sever elbow dysplasia, then about a year later he tore his right rear ACL. He has been through physical therapy, we purchased an electromagnetic bed and he has weekly laser treatments, with all this he was still having trouble with arthritis and soreness. He would still have trouble getting up from a relaxed state without trouble. To add insult to injury he has digestive issues as well as anxiety. My husband found Canna-Pet while researching Popeye’s digestive issues online so we thought, “Why not?”. We ordered our first bottle and began giving Popeye 1 pill and I would say within the first couple of days we saw improvements. He wasn’t as limpy, and now almost 4 months later he is a new dog! He can get right up after sleeping or relaxing, he is running a lot easier with visibly less pain, his anxiety has improved as well. He would shake horribly with any loud noises and he is terrified of thunderstorms, it rained last night and nothing! We can’t express how happy we are with how far Popeye has come! We are so excited to see how much better he gets!

Anxiety, Arthritis


I write to you with tears in my eyes. Our dog Bella has never acted like part of the family until now. She is no longer afraid of thunder, she is moving around so much better, and she is actually watching the TV. We have had her 7 years and she has only glanced maybe 2 times in all those years now she actually sees what is on the television. She has been so loving since we started the CBD pills. It’s like she is a whole different dog. I think she has been living in her own world until now, I can’t thank you enough for changing her life!!! As well as ours. She has only been taking them for 3 days and almost immediately we saw a difference. I am going to tell everyone I know about this. I’m going to post it on my Facebook for other pet owners. Thank you again, you have changed Bella’s life.



My dog was diagnosed with epilepsy back in late August of 2016. My vet immediately prescribed the typical medication for canine epilepsy, but I was so shocked by the side effects that I knew I needed to find a healthier option. Stumbling upon Canna-Pet changed mine and my dog’s life. My dog went from having 4-6 nocturnal seizures a week to sleeping through the night with ZERO seizure activity! The first morning after taking his first dose of Canna-Pet, I cried with joy. He slept through the night! It’s now been 3 months and he has been seizure free ever since his first dose. I am SO grateful to Canna-Pet in giving my dog a better quality of life.



My dog Tycho has been battling epilepsy for the past year. It broke my heart when he was diagnosed and his unpredictable seizures left me feeling helpless and at a state of constant alert. He was originally on a mild dose of Kepra, which affected his mood by lowering his energy and making him more needy. He stopped letting himself out through the dog door and instead would just hold it in until someone could take him out. Even on Kepra, seizures would still slip through every other week and I wondered if the med was even working. In addition to the above, I had to go through the vet to get Kepra, which often was difficult and inconvenient. When I began looking at CBD as a form of treatment for Tycho, I was a bit skeptical. I ordered Canna-Pet and it arrived quickly. When I shifted Tycho onto CBD, I noticed an immediate improvement in his attitude. He has more energy, a better appetite and he is more independent again like he was prior to Kepra. He lets himself out the dog door now. CBD is also a bi-daily dose instead of a tri-daily dose, which makes leaving the dogs home alone during the work day a non-issue. Thank you again for your product. It has greatly improved not only Tycho’s daily life but also mine.



8 months ago she started loosing all the muscle mass on the left side of her skull and her eye was completely sunken in. We consulted a neurologist, and the neurologist thinks she has a tumor wrapping around her masticatory nerve. We started her on a high dose of predisone, which didn’t help at all it only made her drinking and urinating uncontrollable. So with no other options, we decided to try her on the Canna-Pet and within 2 weeks a noticeable difference could be seen, then after a month even greater improvement, now after 2 months of treatment with Canna-pet you can clearly see she is almost 100%. Her transformation is nothing short of amazing!! Everyone who saw her a few months ago comments on how much progress she has made. So thanks Canna Pet! Serenity is now back to being the gorgeous dog she was before her unfortunate condition developed.

Inflammation, Tumors


Our Annie has irritable bowel and terrible arthritis. We almost lost her earlier this year and she spent a week at the animal hospital on meds they said she needed the rest of her life. They did not give us much hope so we brought her home to nurse her. I started making her food, weaning her off their meds and giving her your product. She is still with us, happy, eating well and while still arthritic, much more mobile than I ever thought. She is taking one drug for inflammation. Thank you for your product which makes her life one worth living! She will soon be 15 years old and she is a beauty!

Arthritis, Gastrointestinal issues, IBD


I want to thank Canna-Pet for such amazing products, Sunny was having at least one grand mal seizure a month, sometimes more (on traditional seizure meds). Since adding Canna-Pet treats to her medication regimen, she has had only 1 in FIVE months !!!!! It has been a blessing for her & the entire family. I pray every day this success continues.