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Arthritis Labrador Retriever

Bella is my 9 year old yellow lab that suffered from severe arthritis in her rear knee. After introducing her to your biscuits, she was almost back to her old self in about 6 months with improvement shown almost immediately!

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mobility issues, Thunderstorm Anxiety

He has benefitted from the Canna-Pet Advanced Large Breed capsules that he has been taking for the last several months. As an added benefit, the product seems to have calmed his anxiety – particularly during storms.

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Mast Cell Tumors

Cannapet and a grain free non-GMO diet work together and have completely slowed down the cancer and the Cannapet helps her arteritis too!

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mobility issues, Pain

I saw the great reviews for Canna Pet and gave it a try. It definitely seemed to ease her discomfort and now I give it to her more as a “maintenance” supplement.

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Anxiety, mobility issues

We ordered the biscuits in hopes that they would help. Within two days I noticed that her paws were dry!

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mobility issues, Pain American Pit Bull Terrier

She not longer acts like she hurts or is stiff when getting up and still has the energy of a pup at almost 12! She takes the CBD everyday and will continue to do so as the benefit and results are absolutely amazing

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Bladder Cancer

Abbey is turning 12 in November and was diagnosed last month with terminal bladder cancer. Since she’s been taking the advanced CBD pills. Since she been on them she has had more energy and shown less signs of urgency to urinate.

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Pain Chihuahua

I came across CANNA-PET. ROMEO actually runs now, and for the first time in 2 year’s he can walk and run on all 4 at the same time.

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mobility issues

After 3 – 4 days we could see she was getting up much easier & you could see more happiness in her eyes

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My little Cookie suffers from seizures. With the aid of your capsules daily, she has gone from one or two a day to months in between.

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Hip Dysplasia (HD), Ruptured Anterior Cruciate Ligament

We started giving Kali CBD after she had her second CCL injury. She loves the CBD bones, she eats 8 per day and runs and jumps like a puppy!

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Joint & Mobility Issues

I discovered Canna Pet biscuits from my niece and I give him 3 per day and I can’t begin to tell how much they have helped him in his old age! His ability to get up the stairs and from a laying down position is amazing!

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mobility issues Akita, Mixed

A friend then gave us a box of Max biscuits. She improved more with the biscuits then the meds. Two years later she’s doing great.

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