• 92.6% of ALL respondents favor Canna-Pet® to SOME, MOST or ANY medications*
  • 95.0% report Canna-Pet® provides PAIN RELIEF*
  • 78.6% report Canna-Pet® helps MUSCLE SPASMS*


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When Hazel was younger, she had torn both her ACLs at different times and had cruciate surgery on both. Recently, she walked around the park by our house, which is the longest walk she has done in a year! She has more energy because she is feeling better. It seems like she is a couple years younger :).

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My dog Georgie, who is a 3-year-old Peagle, was diagnosed with IVDD ( Intervertebral Disc Disease) in July of 2020. I started him on the Canna-Pet capsules and in less than a month, he started to walk. Without these products, he would still be using his wheelchair.

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I give him Canna-Pet for his joints and mobility. He’s a much more active Moose than he was.

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Three years ago, our dog, Moon, broke his elbow. The break was in such a difficult location (right in the joint) that the vet recommended we treat it as a soft tissue/arthritic injury. We tried joint-formula and vitamins, but then I found the Advanced Max CBD from Canna-Pet; and that’s the ONLY thing that seems to make him limp less.

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He started having arthritis issues several years ago. I started giving my baby Mellow the CBD max capsules twice a day a couple weeks ago and the change has been awesome. I’m gonna keep him on it for the rest of his life.

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My dog has stopped limping on his left hind leg which was 4 years ago already!! Thank you, Canna-Pet! Your biscuits worked in only a few days.

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Canna-Pet has been an amazing product for my old Bull Terrier, Tigre. The effect was quick – within a week, it was like she was good as new! I can tell by her behavior, the lack of limping, and her still daily demands for her morning walk that she feels a lot better with Canna-Pet’s help!

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Carter was struggling with a limp. After a few weeks with Canna-Pet’s CBD treats, he was back to normal.

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My 9yr old Rhodesian Ridgeback mix tore both of his ACLs in his life. I have tried numerous CBD oils and never really saw a huge difference until I used Canna-Pet CBD oil.

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I have had trouble with arthritis and joint pain and my mom tried Cannapet to help me. I really am happy we found this product and thank Cannapet for helping me feel better.

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Two years ago he had surgery to repair a torn ACL, and I sought out a daily treat that could help his mobility. He’s been taking various flavors of Canna-biscuits daily and I’ve seen a huge improvement in his mobility and his attitude 🙂

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After visiting our veterinarian, it appears he has arthritis in his knee and in pain. We began giving him canna pet after referral from a friend and after a short time he has shown noticeable improvement with less pain and very minimal limping.

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Our 14 year old Cockapoo has a torn ACL. Within a week of using the oil, he was walking without a limp

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Cloud Dancer on Maui

He was lame and with your product he is walking fine now!