Hemp CBD for Cats

Cats can enjoy Canna-Pet® Advanced Small capsules or MaxCBD products with just one daily serving.

Advanced Formula Capsules

Canna-Pet® Advanced Small capsules contain a broad spectrum of concentrated, cannabinoids (CBDs), terpenes and flavonoids.

It is often easiest to open capsules and mix into normal food. Additional feeding instructions.




MaxCBD products have:

  • much higher levels of CBD
  • much higher levels of eight other cannabinoids 
  • much higher levels of two dozen terpenes 
  • improved absorption and bioavailability

MaxCBD products are for those who seek the highest levels of activated hemp CBD possible- in a safe, palatable, readily-absorbed form.

Any cat may safely use our MaxCBD products. Start with one capsule per day – split between breakfast and dinner.