csu clinical sudies on cannapet

What Do Customers Use Canna-Pet® For?

In February of 2016 the AHVMA published a report conducted by Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Clinical Sciences. The subject of the survey was Canna-Pet® hemp products. Here are some of their findings: Canna-Pet® in Comparison to Medications and Therapies: 92.6% of ALL respondents favor Canna-Pet® to SOME, MOST or ANY medications. Among Dog Owners…

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Dog Seizures & Natural Remedies

Seizures aren’t just for humans – unfortunately, many of our beloved pets suffer from status epilepticus (epilepsy), too. Canine seizures are one of the “silent epidemics” that affect dogs across the world. Seizures aren’t spoken of as often as hip dysplasia or fleas & ticks, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen to your dog. Studies report that Idiopathic…

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anxious dog

Dog Anxiety & Natural Remedies: A Complete Guide

Dogs truly are man’s best friend. Yet when left alone – even for a short period of time – some dogs can develop the most common form of canine anxiety, called separation anxiety. Anxiety is a natural response from all intelligent animals, and dogs are no exception. Evolution has imprinted each living organism with a…

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pet pain meds

Canna-Pet® as a Natural Alternative to Pet Medications

Many pet owners are not enthusiastic about the potential side-effects of using pharmaceuticals like tramadol, rimadyl, steroids like prednisone, NSAIDs (Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), keppra, gabapentin, cerenia, and prozac, or of the long term effects of administering these medications to companion animals. Canna-Pet® hemp products provide a safe, natural alternative for pets, which their owners can use without…

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canine parvovirus

Canine Parvovirus: Causes, Symptoms, & Prevention

Unvaccinated dogs and young puppies are at risk for contracting canine parvovirus. This highly infectious disease lives outside the body for long periods of time and is not easy to get rid of. That’s why it’s critical to get puppies vaccinated as soon as they are old enough. What is Canine Parvovirus? This highly contagious…

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Customer Success Story: Dunny & Debbie

Sometimes it can be hard to imagine that an animal as big and strong as a horse can ever experience pain. However, even the most powerful creatures in the animal kingdom can get sore or injured relatively easily. While determining whether a horse is in pain is not always easy, it doesn’t mean that the…

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Bone Cancer (Osteosarcoma) in Dogs

Our canine friends are susceptible to a wide variety of health issues, with cancer unfortunately high among them. Of the many cancers, dog bone cancer, or osteosarcoma, is one of the most invasive and hardest to treat. Osteosarcoma is an aggressive cancer that often spreads to other parts of a dog’s body. It is diagnosed…

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feline health problems

7 Common Health Problems in Senior Cats

While cats tend to age more gracefully than dogs, they often experience numerous health problems in their later years. It is important to look out for signs of discomfort in your senior cat in order to make their older years more comfortable and enjoyable. By paying attention to the common health problems discussed below, you…

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dog behavior quiz_canna-pet

What Is Your Dog’s Behavior Telling You? [QUIZ]

Dogs communicate through their actions and behaviors. Acting out or behaving differently is their way of relaying messages to their owner about how they are feeling. Sometimes the signs are not obvious and can be difficult to spot. However, recognizing changes in your pup’s behavior is important, as he may be trying to convey hidden…

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vomiting and diarrhea in dogs

Vomiting and Diarrhea in Dogs: Is it Time to Go to the Vet?

Dogs have become an inseparable part of human life, providing companionship and a wide range of other health benefits. Owning a dog has been shown to reduce anxiety, provide sensory stress relief, and promote more exercise and fresh air. In return, you provide your dog with food, shelter, plenty of belly rubs, occasional vet visits,…

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dog exercises

Tips for Keeping Your Senior Dog Active

Caring for an older dog is drastically different than caring for a spunky, young puppy. While it is easier in some respects, owning a senior dog does come with it’s unique challenges. One of the biggest challenges pet owners face as their dog’s grow older is keeping them active on a daily basis. While your…

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Pet Euthanasia: When Is it Time to Let Go?

One of the most difficult decisions any pet owner is faced with is knowing when to let go. Choosing the right time to euthanize your beloved fur-baby is never an easy one, but it’s unfortunately a necessary part of life, however heart-wrenching it may be. Although there are a number of factors to consider carefully…

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picky cat

Help! My Pet is a Picky Eater

A pet that is a picky eater? It almost seems like an oxymoron, but some cats and dogs are more finicky eaters than others. Although there are a number of potential reasons that Fido is turning his nose up at his bowl, it probably isn’t because he is preparing for bikini season at the dog…

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Save an Animal’s Life: Rescue a Shelter Dog

If you’re considering adding a four-legged friend to your family, rescuing a dog is a wonderful option. Not only will you be bringing a new companion into your life, but you will also be saving an animal’s life at the same time! According to the ASPCA, an average of 2.7 million shelter pets are euthanized…

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