csu clinical sudies on cannapet

What Do Customers Use Canna-Pet® For?

In February of 2016 the AHVMA published a report conducted by Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Clinical Sciences. The subject of the survey was Canna-Pet® hemp products. Here are some of their findings: Canna-Pet® in Comparison to Medications and Therapies: 92.6% of ALL respondents favor Canna-Pet® to SOME, MOST or ANY medications. Among Dog Owners…

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Dog Seizures & Natural Remedies

Seizures aren’t just for humans – unfortunately, many of our beloved pets suffer from status epilepticus (epilepsy), too. Canine seizures are one of the “silent epidemics” that affect dogs across the world. Seizures aren’t spoken of as often as hip dysplasia or fleas & ticks, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen to your dog. Studies report that Idiopathic…

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anxious dog

Dog Anxiety & Natural Remedies: A Complete Guide

Dogs truly are man’s best friend. Yet when left alone – even for a short period of time – some dogs can develop the most common form of canine anxiety, called separation anxiety. Anxiety is a natural response from all intelligent animals, and dogs are no exception. Evolution has imprinted each living organism with a…

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pet pain meds

Canna-Pet® as a Natural Alternative to Pet Medications

Many pet owners are not enthusiastic about the potential side-effects of using pharmaceuticals like tramadol, rimadyl, steroids like prednisone, NSAIDs (Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), keppra, gabapentin, cerenia, and prozac, or of the long term effects of administering these medications to companion animals. Canna-Pet® hemp products provide a safe, natural alternative for pets, which their owners can use without…

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Which Dog Breeds Have the Longest Lifespans?

You treat your dog like a member of your family. You feed him the best food, take him on a lot of walks, keep him clean with weekly baths, brush his teeth regularly, and make sure he attends routine checkups at the vet. While all of these habits will help to prolong his life, some…

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Keeping Your Pet Safe & Healthy This Autumn

Autumn is here, and it is time to start thinking about how you’re going to protect your pets all season long. Cold weather, harsh conditions, and early sunsets can be big risk factors for your furry friends. By taking the proper precautions, you can ensure that your pet stays safe throughout the fall. Here are…

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how to calm an anxious dog

9 Tips for Calming an Anxious Dog

Dogs can experience anxiety for a number of reasons. They might get upset when you leave the house or when they’re on a new schedule. They may have been in a fight or gone through some sort of medical trauma recently. Regardless of the cause, anxiety happens to dogs young and old for a variety…

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dog phobias

Common Dog Phobias & Their Solutions: A Helpful Guide

What Determines Your Dog’s Phobias: Nature Vs. Nurture There are a variety of reasons why your dog has developed his or her phobias in the first place. One of the most frequent causes of dog phobias and fear stems back to their puppyhood – if dogs aren’t exposed to a wide range of stimuli when…

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dog separation anxiety

Separation Anxiety in Dogs & Cats

Leaving your pet at home alone all day is never a good feeling, but knowing they are suffering from separation anxiety while you are away can be extremely troubling. Before beginning to treat this behavioral problem, you should work to fully understand the extent of their anxiety and any other medical issues that may be…

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does my dog have anxiety

Does Your Dog Have Anxiety? Take the Quiz to Find Out

Although our furry friends can’t tell us if they are feeling stressed out or anxious with their words, they communicate their feelings extremely well through their body language and behavior. From barking or shaking every time you leave the house to becoming pickier about what he or she eats, signs of anxiety in dogs can…

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Guide to Pet Health Insurance

Nothing is quite as exciting as bringing home a new pet. Once you’ve found the breed you want and have decided on a name, introducing your pet to your home is fun, if not a bit chaotic. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before giving an animal a permanent place to…

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red border collie dog keeps cake on her nose

Keeping the Pounds off Your Puppy

While it may be hard to say no to your furry friend’s adorable face when they are begging for a second treat, that extra nugget of love isn’t making them any healthier. Obesity is commonly defined as an excess of body fat. While obesity is common in dogs of all ages, it usually affects dogs…

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Portrait of an old gray-haired dog close up

Tips for Helping Your Blind Dog Adapt

Although it can be heartbreaking to learn that your aging dog is going blind, the silver lining is knowing that there are plenty of ways to adapt to this new situation. You will find that with a few lifestyle adjustments, you can still enjoy many of the same activities with your furry friend. Begin Blind…

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