Teaching your pet tricks can be an engaging, thrilling process that creates a strong bond between you and your companion. An animal that is capable of learning a trick often begets an intrinsic want for stimulation, meaning they enjoy learning. Then for you as the owner, it’s incredibly satisfying for your hard work and consistency to bring results.

How to Teach Your Dog Tricks

It’s important to mention that tricks should be a latter part of a dog’s training (and any pet for that matter). Potty, obedience, and behavioral training need to come first as they form the pillars which allow tricks to be taught upon.

If your dog doesn’t know to listen to your commands, he certainly won’t learn the trick you’re teaching him. Here are some basic dog training tricks:

Sit, Lie Down, and Roll Over

Many don’t consider these tricks as they are part of the obedience training structure. But they are added to the list because they’re the building blocks which set the stage for later endeavors.

Shake Hands

This is one of the easiest puppy tricks to teach, and also one of the most rewarding.


Dogs are not naturally inclined to return whatever toy you’re using, in fact quite the opposite. Teach your dog how to fetch and you’ll open the door to a new level of enjoyment shared between you and your companion.

Bark on Command

Certainly a higher-level trick that takes serious training, barking on command is extremely impressive. This trick also enforces a new layer of discipline and command training that greatly benefits your canine’s docility.

Play Dead

This trick takes a degree of experience to teach, and a higher volume of time committed. It’s an incredible party trick that will have everyone impressed when your canine lays down on his side.

Now that you have the idea, know that teaching your pet tricks is one of the most exhilarating aspects of being an owner. Not only that, but it enhances your pet’s intelligence and furthers his obedience training.