It’s accurate to suppose that your pet—whatever the kind—requires exercise. The type and volume of exercise will undeniably differ between animal to animal, but it’s always a necessity. That’s why it’s important that you know just the kind of exercise your pet needs… and how often they need it!

Why is Dog Exercise Important?

The obvious answer here is health optimization. However, that’s not exclusive to physicality, as exercise has been proven to help with mental health and temperament too. At the end of the day, you want your pets to be behaved and healthy. Exercise is a crucial ingredient to that recipe.

Pets—particularly dogs—need exercise to maintain bodily function. By keeping active it helps with their development, metabolism, and weight control. Obesity affects pets in the same way that it affects humans. If your little companion is eating too much and not dedicating enough time to working his body, he’s going to gain weight. Obesity puts your pet at higher risk for health complications.  

Exercise for dogs also helps with mental health. Every pet—especially in their formative years—covets stimulation. As their brains process the world around them, develop, and expand, they’re constantly ready for new experiences. The degree of required stimulation differs pet to pet, as for some it’s paramount that they’re constantly stimulated, and some need it within a set routine.

Exercise helps feed that stimulation, activate the mind, and alleviates excitability. Why is this important? Ever heard the phrase ‘a tired dog is a behaved dog’? It’s important because it helps their brains develop all the while keeping them docile.

How Much Exercise Does a Dog Need?

As stated previously, the exercise requirement is going to vary from pet to pet. A Chihuahua will not need the same vigorous physical stimulation as a German Shepherd. That’s why it’s important that as the owner you do the proper research, identify your dog’s needs, learn what type of exercise he’s most responsive to, and then put it in practice!

The ways to exercise your dog are endless and it is important for him to stay healthy. But don’t see it as a chore, as exercise is often a great way to adventure and form an even closer bond to your companion.