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Our latest Canna-Biscuit CBD dog treats deliver more Canna-Pet® Advanced in every bite! Available in 3 dog-friendly flavors plus our popular MaxCBD Maple Bacon recipe for those pet owners who want much more CBD! All dog biscuits are organic and made in the USA. Our CBD dog biscuits are ideal CBD treats for dogs of all sizes.

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Canna-Pet® invented CBD nutrition for pets.

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How to Invest in Your Dog’s Health:

Pets are more than just a furry companion. They love you unconditionally, they are your reliable support system, and they bring you a constant stream of joy into everyday life. You as a pet owner want the very best for your loving four-legged family member and their overall health and well-being.

That is why your pet’s mental and physical state are both major factors to their overall health and well-being. Now how can you ensure optimal mental and physical health for your pet? This goal goes far beyond daily exercise and occasional playtime. The nutritional intake of your pet is one of the most crucial components for their total health and longevity. Having a good dog food formula is important, but you should also feed your dog healthy dog treats as well.

Countless dog supplements and nutritional boosters have flooded through the pet industry, but how do they differ from one another? Choosing a nutritional supplement to add to your pet’s daily regimen of dog food servings can be a difficult task to handle. While you may be thinking all products are created equal, that is sadly far from the truth.

Chemicals, by-products, and harmful ingredients lurk in many pet treats and other products. It can be hard to decipher the bad treats from the good pet treats. The best way to avoid these harmful products is by choosing one labeled as organic and all-natural.

Products that are labeled as organic are formulated from different plant sources, making it easy for pets to digest. Our Canna-Pet products provide exactly that. These products are created with high levels of hemp and other nutritional components to deliver a product that is incomparable to anything on the market.

How Are Our Hemp  CBD Dog Treats Different?

Our all-natural products are sourced from sustainable and versatile hemp plants. From there, we have carefully refined, activated CBDs to be used throughout our product line.

Activated hemp CBD oil is used in our products because of its high concentration of activated hemp CBDs. To understand the creation of our Canna-Pet CBD dog treats and what they are used for, here is a brief background on the uses and characteristics of this critical ingredient.

What is Hemp?

Most people when they hear hemp, automatically associate it with the marijuana plant. While both Marijuana and hemp originate from the same Cannabis Sativa plant, they vary greatly in their genetic makeup, usage, and cultivation. Marijuana, from cannabis, is formulated to have large concentrations of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that leads to a psychoactive “high effect”. On the other hand, hemp’s levels of THC is minuscule and does not have any mind-altering effects on the body.

Hemp is a raw material that can be grown as a renewable resource. The fibers of the plant are used to manufacture clothing, plastic composites, and other materials. On the other hand it’s seeds and flowers are commonly used in health products, body care, and supplements.

Our commercial capsules are formulated with activated hemp oil to deliver a superior product with high levels of activated hemp cannabinoids and phytochemicals. These products are also free from animal products, preservatives, gelatin, wheat, sugar, SLS, and dairy, which an all have negative side effects for your furry friend.

How is Activated CBD Hemp Manufactured for Canna-Pet?

Our manufacturing process begins with harvesting organic biomass from the hemp plant which is then refined, purified, and formulated in U.S. laboratories. Without compromising any cannabinoids and terpenes, Canna-Pet begins the proprietary extraction and activation process to form the product.

From this point, laboratories compose a proprietary formulation with different oils to create the hemp CBD extract and terpene profile used in the Canna-Pet products. This cultivation process has been researched and studied for the past three decades, providing the safest and most concentrated levels of CBDs for your loving pets.

Medical, pharmaceutical, and veterinary professionals have worked with Canna-Pet to deliver a superior formula for cannabinoid nutrition products using activated hemp.

Reasons Pet Owners Use Canna-Pet CBD Dog Treats:

  • Cancer
  • Digestive and Nausea issues
  • Anxiety and phobias
  • Arthritis and joint pain
  • Overall pain relief
  • Joints and mobility
  • Chronic pain and inflammation
  • Itchy skin
  • Nausea
  • Epilepsy and seizures
  • Aging and wellness
  • Loss of appetite
  • Skin and coat

For more information, check out the ailment guide and testimonials for our Canna-Pet products.

Unlike marijuana, the activated hemp in our CBD dog treats does not create a psychoactive effect, and it does not conflict with your pet’s current prescription medications. It is an all-natural and organically grown ingredient in our products that is formulated to create a superior supplemental product.

Activated hemp, or hemp CBD, is one of the leading ingredients in the cultivation process for hemp pet nutrition. These phytochemicals are formulated from whole hemp plant extracts, which produces a natural and safe supplement for your pet. The abundance of CBD in our products come from the activated hemp, which has been carefully cultivated in U.S. soil and formulated and processed in U.S. laboratories.

It’s your job to provide your pet with the very best. Aside from showing them love and affection, make sure your dog’s health and well-being is a main priority. Give additional support to your dog’s diet by giving them healthy treats and adding one of our hemp CBD products to their life. See the difference that other dog owners are seeing or your money-back guaranteed!