Canna-Biscuits for Dogs: Advanced Formula Turkey – Organic


Our Turkey dog biscuits are formulated with Canna-Pet® Advanced and baked in the USA with organic, non-GMO, quality food ingredients. We hold our biscuits to the same quality standards as the food you serve to your human family. Our bite-sized turkey treats are perfect for any size pet, convenient to bring along when traveling. Each box contains 37-40 biscuits (8oz / 227g). Each delicious treat is 27 calories.

Each Biscuit Contains
2.4mg of CBD & ZERO THC.

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Each hemp dog treat biscuit contains Canna-Pet® Advanced, a mix of CBD compounds and terpenes. We employ proprietary processes to deliver as many of the activated hemp compounds, terpenes and flavonoids as possible. This key feature ensures your pets benefit from a broad range of CBD phytochemicals. Canna-Pet® products are made exclusively from industrial hemp, a non-psychoactive plant which represents a natural terpene source for pet supplements. Each Biscuit Contains 2.4mg of CBD & ZERO THC.

Recommended serving sizes:

  • Dogs under 20lbs (9kg): 1 biscuit every 12 hours.
  • Dogs 21-44lbs (9.5-20kg): 2 biscuits every 12 hours.
  • Dogs 45-95lbs (20-43kg): 3 biscuits, every 12 hours.
  • Dogs over 95lbs (43kg): 4 biscuits every 12 hours.

Turkey Dog Biscuit Ingredients and Nutritional Information:

Give your pet the treat of a homemade cooked turkey dinner without sacrificing any of your Thanksgiving leftovers. Canna-Pet delivers only the best organic ingredient turkey biscuit for your dog’s CBD needs.

  • Organic Barley Flour
  • Farm Raised Turkey
  • Organic Cranberries
  • Organic Carrots
  • Organic Cinnamon
  • Organic Sage
  • Hemp

Hungry for more? Hear what pet parents think about our turkey dog biscuits in the customer reviews.

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