Keeping our pets safe from developing infectious diseases is challenging in a world full of bacteria. Being the curious and playful pets that they are, it’s common for them to pick up bacteria just about anywhere. Although some bacteria helps strengthen our pets’ immune system, others create the infectious disease for them.

As pet owners, it’s our job to look for signs and symptoms of different infectious diseases that may be affecting our furry friends. Canna-Pet products can help your pet feel their best when fighting an infectious disease. Contact us today for more information about our products.


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Cookie Lyons and Othello

have purchased the oil and biscuits for my dogs and the pups I gave to family members and the change has been amazing. No more oozing bumps and sores, smooth, pink skin, no itchy skin nor stinky, yeast infected ears. All cured, I believe to the 3 month regiment of CBD Advanced max oil and biscuits.

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She has been using canna pet cat capsules for a few years now and it really helps her. We give her half a capsule a day which is perfect for her size. She is a happy canna kitty living in NYC !

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We started giving Archie the Canna Biscuits in April 2019. He likes the PB-A ones the most. He gets 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening and now he sleeps well he’s not aggressive toward people and hasn’t been back to the vet for any health issues.

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Hi, my dogs name is Goofy and he has a lot of eye problems. They cause his a little discomfort, although he is such a happy loving pup, we know he’s in pain and the treats we ordered for him really made a difference. He seemed to be even happier if that’s possible. Thank you so much!

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I quickly ordered more Canna-Pet oil, and after only 2 days, she’s looking a bit better. I am hoping she will get back to where she was before I stupidly put money over quality.

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I was referred to Canna-pet from a fellow trainer and I sure have seen a difference in Argo. He’s more like the crazy work dog that he used to be and his ears have improved as well!

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I would and have recommend the Canna-Pet CBD pills to anyone whose dog is suffering. This product has certainly made these last 3 months of her life more comfortable for her.

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Lucy, our orange tabby, is 19 and has thyroid and kidney disease. After taking canna pet for two weeks, her medications have been cut in half! She is thriving.

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We started giving him a Canna-Pet treat on a daily and he’s been relaxed and content since we’ve been giving it to him.

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