Aja's Breeds:

This is Aja. She has Wobblers Disease. I had been giving her Canna-Pet Advanced Formula CBD oil for almost a year, and it helped stabilize her symptoms. She was still wobbly, and probably always will be, but she wasn’t getting any worse. About a month ago, I saw an ad in Bark Magazine for a bunch of CBD and hemp oils. I researched, and found that one had 1100 mg of cannabinoids in each bottle. In addition, the bottle was twice as big as a Canna-Pet bottle, so it would last longer, for less money. I am retired, living only on Social Security, and Aja takes a lot of supplements, which cost a lot each month. So I ordered the 1100 mg oil. After about a week and a half, Aja’s wobbling has gotten significantly worse. I assumed that more cannabinoids=better. I was wrong, and Aja is paying for it. I quickly ordered more Canna-Pet oil, and after only 2 days, she’s looking a bit better. I am hoping she will get back to where she was before I stupidly put money over quality. Time will tell, but I will never switch again. Lesson learned.