Belle's Breeds:

Our 13-1/2 year old standard poodle suffers from Addison’s disease. She has been on very heavy doses of medications that have taken their toll on her body. In 2016 we noticed she was really slowing down, couldn’t jump up in the car, couldn’t get on the couch and couldn’t get in our bed without help. At 70 pounds mainly due to the years of prednisone use, her joints are inflamed and swollen. A friend suggest the CBD pills from Canna-Pet. Our vet was all for it so we looked into it. After a couple of weeks she actually had light in her eyes, felt a little more like our good ole girl. After 3 months we’ve noticed how much better she feels. She’s a little lighter on her feet, she’s able to get up on the couch on her own, she’s able to handle going up and down a few steps without using the ramp and she is much more engaged with us and our other dogs. I would and have recommend the Canna-Pet CBD pills to anyone whose dog is suffering. This product has certainly made these last 3 months of her life more comfortable for her.