• 92.6% of ALL respondents favor Canna-Pet® to SOME, MOST or ANY medications*
  • 88.8% report Canna-Pet® AIDS SLEEP*
  • 92.8% report Canna-Pet® provides NERVOUS SYSTEM SUPPORT*


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We have been giving him Cannapet CBD treats for over a year now and have seen a great improvement in Harleys quality of life.

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Cooper, Payton & Bonita

My pups all love the Canna-Pet Biscuits! They are all happy, relaxed pups; and they’re enjoying their golden years. 

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Our year-old, 80 lb.-Lab, Ethel, clearly experienced a great deal of pain just moving around, and could barely get around. Within an hour of her first dose, she was playing normally with her sister Lucy. While every dog’s problems are unique, Canna-Pet worked for us. Five years later, she is still going strong.

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He is 11 years old; and since on it, he has been running, jumping and playing with his younger brother.

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I really appreciate that your product came along when it did as we’re going thru CCD and it’s been challenging.

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My 11-year-old dog, Theo, has Degenerative Myelopathy; and for the past two years, he has gradually been losing nerve & muscle function.  Theo’s condition continues to slowly worsen yet he remains in good spirits; and I’m grateful to have the Max CBD to help keep him comfortable in his remaining time.

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Two and a half years ago, my Cocker Spaniel started having seizures out of nowhere. I bought the three pack of the CBD biscuits and within weeks my Montee was back to himself again. I know your biscuits were the reason I got to keep him with me for 2.5 more years. Unfortunately, he got sick and passed one week ago 💔 but I feel so lucky and thankful I had so much more time with him. And two years ago, the vet told me he MIGHT live another year. By the way, he only had one more seizure after I started giving him your product.

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We feel the Canna-Pet oil has done wonders for her pain management and keeping her comfortable.

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Started her on Canna-Pet, she began to be her old self more alert, happy, full of Labrador life. Nothing can make me happier than having my Slappy back.

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Callen is 8.5 years old and is acting like he has some type of doggy dementia. We are giving him Canna-Pet and it is calming him, lessening his worry, and improves his palliative care. Thank you!

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vv is 17 years old and has dementia which makes him bark nonstop at midnight. CBD MAX OIL helps in soothing his emotions. After a few drops of CBD MAX OIL, he stops barking in 20-30mins.

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My senior dog Dozer plays like a puppy again.

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Sammy Hooper

Dr. Ford suggested that Sammy might benefit from Canna-Pet, and we promptly ordered our first bottle. Honestly, it’s been a bit of a miracle. He started feeling better quickly and has resumed walking, running, and most importantly, bounding off the couch and racing through the house with joy when we arrive home.

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People always comment on how young and spry he looks and seems. Honestly it has to do with a good diet and every day cbd maintenance. He is one happy 13 year old German Shepard.

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She’s slowed down some lately. My son recommended Canna-Pet. She’s been on it for a month or so. Biggest change, she RUNS now!

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During this time period, I had started her on these treats and was very skeptical. I saw improvement immediately but I thought it might have just been a coincidence. On the day of her Cushing’s test, she had to fast. With no cbd treats, her shaking came back immediately.

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Stages of Liver Failure in Dogs

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Liver failure, also referred to as liver disease, is a common condition that can affect your furry companions. Although this disease can…
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Liver Inflammation in Dogs: Signs & Symptoms

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The liver is a vital organ for both dogs and humans. That’s why it is critical to be able to spot any…
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Why is My Cat Vomiting Blood?

heart disease in cats
In popular culture (especially cartoons), cats are often shown coughing up hairballs—usually in a humorous light. But when the cat in question…
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What causes liver disease in cats, and just how important is the liver to normal, everyday functions? The liver is an essential…
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Signs & Symptoms of Liver Disease in Cats

Signs & Symptoms of Liver Disease in Cats
If you have already read about different types of liver diseases in cats and are concerned that your cat is suffering from…
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What Causes Liver Failure in Dogs?

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A dog’s liver functions in the same way humans do. Needless to say, it is an organ of the utmost importance. The…
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Causes of Liver Disease in Dogs

causes of liver disease in dogs_canna-pet
The liver is the filter of a dog’s body. It removes harmful chemicals and toxins from the blood, produces key digestive fluids,…
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Symptoms of Liver Failure in Dogs

symptoms of liver failure in dogs_canna-pet
Your pup’s livers are their first and best defense against a world full of toxins and infectious agents. The liver acts like…
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Signs & Symptoms of Liver Disease in Dogs

symptoms of liver disease in dogs_canna-pet
The liver is one of the most important organs for dogs. It plays an absolutely critical role in multiple functions in your…
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Ulcers in Dogs: Causes, Symptoms, & Treatment

ulcers in dogs_canna-pet
Most people have heard about ulcers occurring in humans, but did you know dogs can develop ulcers too? This is an in…
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Liver Failure in Cats: Causes, Signs, & Treatment

liver failure in cats_canna-pet
As a living being with complex body functions, it is common to overlook just how essential one organ is to your cat’s…
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What Does Mucus in Dog’s Poop Mean?

what does mucus in dog poop mean_canna-pet
There’s a lot that can be detected about your dog’s health through his poop. As a pet owner, you’ve most likely gotten…
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Why Is There Blood in My Dog’s Poop?

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When it comes to your pet, the sight of blood anywhere can be an immediate cause for concern. When blood in dog…
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Liver Failure in Dogs: A Helpful Guide

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Liver disease and liver failure in dogs have similar signs, but liver failure occurs when liver disease is at an acute stage.…
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Liver Disease in Dogs: Causes, Signs, & Symptoms

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Side Effects of Prednisolone for Dogs

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Pet parents always want what’s best for their charismatic canines – whether they’re suffering from a seasonal allergy or diagnosed with a…
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Yorkshire Terriers, or Yorkies for short, are unsurprisingly from Yorkshire, England. They are a small breed of terrier and are classified in…
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Side Effects of Steroids for Dogs

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When the pollen count increases, does your body respond with a runny nose, itchy, watery eyes, and itchy, inflamed skin? Did you…
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Common Causes of Blood in Dog Urine

What Causes High Blood Sugar In Dogs?
When your pet “has to go” you usually turn a blind eye and let him do his business. Or, it has become…
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Fever in Cats: Causes, Signs, & Treatment

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As a pet owner, it is stressful when you believe your companion might be sick. A common sign of illness in both…
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Can I Give My Dog Motrin?

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Upon seeing your dog is sick and experiencing pain or discomfort, it may be tempting to reach for the nearest over-the-counter medication…
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Can I Give My Dog Tylenol?

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When you have a dog that is hurting and in pain, it is tempting to raid the medicine cabinet, google the “correct”…
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Poodle Health Issues & Problems

Like any other breed of dog, Poodles are prone to a number of canine health problems.  Some of these health problems depend…
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Signs & Symptoms of Bloat in Puppies

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Bloat, clinically known as gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV), is a life threatening condition that can develop in puppies and adult dogs alike. What…
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Types of Puppy Eye Infections

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Eye infections in dogs are very common, especially puppies who haven’t built a strong immune system. But don’t worry, if you treat…
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UTI in Puppies: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

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Urinary Tract Infections, better known as a UTI, are extremely common in puppies. The puppy’s frequent urination and inability to control when…
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What Can I Give My Dog for Fever?

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As a pet owner it can be quite alarming when your dog doesn't seem to be his healthiest self. An inability to…
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Symptoms of Dry Eye in Dogs

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Dry eye syndrome, which is also sometimes called Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca (KCS), is a relatively common condition that develops on dogs. This condition…
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What Causes Swollen Lymph Nodes in Dogs?

swollen lymph nodes in dogs_canna-pet
There are many reasons your dog could have swollen lymph nodes. The most common assumption and fear is that your dog has…
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Heat Stroke in Dogs: What Every Pet Owner Should Know

heat stroke in dogs_canna-pet
As nearly any dog owner will agree, enjoying the great outdoors with your four-legged friend during the warmer months is one of…
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Shiba Inu Health Problems and Issues

shiba inu health issues
If you’ve landed on this article, it might be because you adore the little fox-like Shiba Inu and you’re doing your due…
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What is Addison’s Disease in Dogs?

what is addison's disease in dogs_canna-pet
A pet owner’s life is never dull. In addition to the regular shots, checkups, diet, and environmental conditions to think about when…
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Common Pomeranian Health Issues

common pomeranian health issues_canna-pet
It’s important to be knowledgeable about the health issues pertaining to any breed of dog you’re considering adopting. Many people are drawn…
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What Causes Cherry Eye in Dogs?

what causes cherry eye in dogs_canna-pet
When you first spot Cherry Eye in your dog it can be alarming. The bright red mass protruding from your pet’s eye…
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Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) in Dogs

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When becoming a dog owner, many people do not consider the myriad of health conditions their dog can develop over the course…
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Red Eye in Dogs: When Should You Go to the Vet?

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Your heart normally melts when your dog looks up with those loving puppy-dog eyes – until you see something's not quite right.…
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Chihuahua Health Issues & Problems

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The Chihuahua is one of the most dynamic and misunderstood dog breeds in existence. They’re sort of the ‘love em’ or hate…
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Do Chihuahuas Shed?

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Chihuahuas are one of the most adaptable and easy to manage dog breeds. Their petite size, loving rapport, and docile nature make…
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Giardia in Dogs: Signs, Symptoms, & Treatments

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Giardiasis in dogs is an infection of the small intestinal tract. It’s caused by an organism called giardia, a single-celled, protozoan parasite…
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What is Entropion in Dogs?

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A dog’s eyes are very perceptive – and very delicate. Like a human eye, the dog’s eye plays a large part in…
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What Causes Obesity in Dogs?

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Obesity is a dangerous condition in both humans and dogs alike, and determining the underlying cause of obesity in your dog is…
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Cherry Eye in Dogs: Signs & Symptoms

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You notice your dog’s eyes seem to be watering a little more than normal. You shrug it off, thinking it's probably just…
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Why Is My Dog Having Trouble Breathing?

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If you notice your dog is experiencing difficulty when breathing, it is important to research possible causes and symptoms of various respiratory…
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What is von Willebrand’s Disease in Dogs?

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Von Willebrand’s Disease, or vWD, is the most common inherited blood clotting disorder in both dogs and humans. It is the result…
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Autoimmune Disease in Dogs: A Helpful Guide

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Life with pets is full of interesting twists and turns, especially when it comes to navigating their health. Understanding their symptoms and…
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What is a Cleft Palate in Dogs?

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Cleft palate presents itself in dogs in much the same way it presents in humans. Depending on the type of cleft, it…
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Why Is My Dog Gaining Weight?

why is my dog gaining weight_canna-pet
A lot of owners pride themselves on having fit or lean dogs. It demonstrates responsibility, respect for your pet, and proper care.…
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What Causes Jaundice in Dogs?

what causes jaundice in dogs_canna-pet
Icterus or as it’s more commonly known, jaundice, is characterized by its yellow appearance on various parts of the body. It can…
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How Big Do Golden Retrievers Get?

how big are golden retrievers
Golden Retrievers are a large breed with even bigger hearts. They are full of endless love and devotion towards their owner, making…
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Pug Health Problems & Issues

pug health problems
Pugs are a unique breed, and with their genetic composition comes a specific set of Pug health problems. Pug health issues vary…
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Golden Retriever Health Problems & Issues

golden retriever health problems
Golden Retrievers are a loving and loyal breed that make a wonderful addition to a family, but before adding a Golden Retriever…
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Shih Tzu Health Problems and Issues

shih tzu health problems
The Shih Tzu is quite the dynamic toy dog. They have one of the oldest lineages of all dog breeds in existence…
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What Dog Breeds Have the Least Health Problems?

what dog breed has the least health problems_canna-pet
As a pet owner, it’s of the utmost importance to make sure your furry friend is as healthy as can be. After…
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French Bulldog Health Issues & Problems

french bulldog health issues and problems_canna-pet
French Bulldogs are one of the top ten of the AKC’s most popular dogs, coming right in at the sixth spot. They’re…
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Rottweiler Health Issues and Problems

rottweiler health issues and problems_canna-pet
Rottweilers rank 8th  on the AKC’s most popular list of 155 dog breeds. These incredible companions are about as loyal as can…
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What Are the Healthiest Dog Breeds?

healthiest dog breeds_canna-pet
A big question that comes to mind when you are considering getting a dog is “what breed of dog is the healthiest?”…
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Why Does My Dog Pee on My Bed?

why does my dog pee on my bed_canna-pet
There can be many reasons for your dog peeing on your bed, such as anxiety, the need for them to mark their…
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Why Does My Puppy Pee When He Gets Excited?

why does my puppy pee when he gets excited_canna-pet
Excitement urination is one of the most common problems faced by new puppy owners. Don’t stress, most puppies outgrow these unwanted responses…
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Dog Collar vs. Harness: What Is Best for Your Pup?

So, you have an excitable dog who pulls on his leash non-stop, dragging you behind as he charges towards the next fire…
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How to Train a Dog to Use Pee Pads

Training your dog to go to the bathroom in the proper place can be a difficult task that takes a lot of…
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How to Potty Train Your Dog

House training a puppy can be a test of patience. You will need to be consistent, patient, and remember to reward your…
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How to Train a Deaf Dog: Some Helpful Tips

Are you thinking about adopting a deaf dog and worried about the training process? Dogs that are deaf are teachable and can…
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Why Does Your Cat Have Bad Breath?

If your cat’s bad breath has finally gotten out of hand, you’re probably here to find out how to get rid of…
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Symptoms of Kidney Stones in Dogs

Your dog is part of the family. And as a family member, you want to provide him with the best care possible,…
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Cat Coughing: Causes & Treatment

Cats are purposeful, quiet, self-sufficient and sometimes clandestine animals. They often seem to appear out of nowhere to jump on the magazine…
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Weak Bones in Dogs

With the amount of activities that dogs engage in over the span of a day, it’s important that they have strong, healthy…
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Why Is Your Kitten Coughing?

Just like humans, there are a wide range of factors that can cause your kitten to cough. Sneezing and coughing infrequently may…
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Understanding Cataracts in Cats

Just like humans, cats can develop cataracts. Most people tend to think of cataracts as something that just comes along with age.…
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Kidney Failure in Dogs: Signs & Causes

You probably don't realize it, but your dog’s kidneys are much like your own kidneys. Healthy kidneys are used to dissolve, filter,…
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Common Causes of Puppy Coughing

While it might seem strange, dogs cough a lot. It’s normal for them, especially considering they live so much of their lives…
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Kidney Disease in Dogs: Causes and Treatment

The kidneys in both humans and dogs are best known for balancing bodily fluids and filtering waste products out of the blood…
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Distemper in Dogs: Signs and Symptoms

Dogs have been man’s best friend since prehistoric times. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, the United States is home to…
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Why is Your Dog Sneezing?

Seeing your dog sneeze can be, in some cases, pretty entertaining. Dog sneezes seemingly come out of nowhere, and appear to leave…
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Can Your Dog Get a Cold?

“Achoo!” Ah, the all-too familiar sound of a co-worker or family member coming down with a cold. While humans pass the cold…
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What to Do If Your Dog Has a Fever

Have you noticed that your four-legged friend hasn’t been feeling himself lately? You know he must be sick because he is coughing,…
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Glaucoma in Cats: Causes, Signs, & Treatment

Similar to glaucoma in humans or glaucoma in dogs, feline glaucoma occurs when the fluid inside the eye, located directly behind the…
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Signs of Dementia in Cats & How to Manage

Can cats get dementia? Unfortunately, yes they can. Just as aging humans can develop dementia, your beloved pets can also decline mentally…
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Cat Leukemia Virus: Causes, Signs, & Treatment

Feline leukemia virus (FeLV) is one of the most common infectious diseases in cats, being encountered by two to three percent of…
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Glaucoma in Dogs: Causes, Signs & Treatment

Just as with humans, canines can sometimes suffer from a condition of the eyes called glaucoma. This is an increase of pressure…
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Lethargy in Dogs: Identifying Possible Causes

It's a lazy weekend at home, and you are going about your business, cleaning the house, making lunch, doing laundry. As you…
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Diabetes in Dogs: How to Care for a Diabetic Dog

Believe it or not, the recent surge in the occurrence of diabetes isn’t limited to humans --diabetes is also being found in…
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Bronchitis in Dogs

Bronchitis is a disease that manifests itself in dogs similarly to bronchitis in people, with similar causes, symptoms and treatment. Understanding bronchitis…
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Natural Ways to Eliminate Bad Breath in Dogs

Everyone loves doggie kisses. But puppy breath? Not so much! No one wants to kiss a stinky mouth. Halitosis, or bad breath,…
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Diets for Diabetic Dogs & Cats

The bond between dog and cat lovers and their furry, four-legged friends is so deep, nothing is off limits when it comes…
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Kennel Cough in Dogs

A dry hacking cough from your pup is cause for concern for any dog owner, but can you differentiate between a regular…
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Dog Coughing: What Every Pet Owner Needs to Know

For most pet owners, there are times of uncertainty when it comes to their dog’s health. For example, when people find themselves…
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Ear Infections in Dogs: Recognizing & Treating the Signs & Symptoms

When you notice your four-legged friend is suffering from itchy or irritated ears, it’s important to examine him closely to see if…
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Is it Safe for Your Dog to Eat? [QUIZ]

Sharing bites of your favorite meal with your beloved pooch may seem harmless. After all, how can you resist those puppy dog…
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Why Is It Important to Spay or Neuter Your Pets?

You’ve seen the commercials — you know the ones, where sad music emphasizes sadder scenes of overlooked, under-fed animals left for naught…
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Understanding Obesity in Cats

While your cat might not be munching on potato chips or ordering Big Macs for dinner, they can still be overweight or…
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Periodontal Disease in Senior Dogs

From shots and vaccinations to deworming, maintaining your dog’s health and happiness involves so many different elements that it’s easy to forget…
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Tips for the First Month of Pet Adoption

Congratulations! If you are reading this, you are likely the owner of a new furry friend! This is an exciting time in…
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Thyroid Problems in Older Dogs

If someone were to ask if you knew the location of your dog’s thyroid, would you know where to look? Located in…
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Recognizing & Treating Cataracts in Dogs

Have you ever looked into the lens of your furry, four-legged friend and noticed something like a blanket of fog has permanently…
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Kidney Disease in Older Cats

The kidney is a vital organ in the bodies of both humans and cats, filtering blood which circulates back to the heart,…
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Dog Hearing Loss: Is Your Dog Deaf?

Dogs are known for their keen senses, especially their great hearing. Unfortunately, hearing loss in dogs, whether partial or complete, is relatively…
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Cushing’s Disease in Dogs [Infographic]

Dogs are full of life and joy. They provide companionship and endless love to their fur parents, but just like humans, they…
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Top 10 Dog Training Tips

Do your dog’s hobbies include begging for table scraps, cuddling on the clean couch, and sprinting off to chase squirrels in the…
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Diabetes in Cats: Causes, Symptoms, & Treatment

A number of diseases that we associate with humans are also found in our furry friends. Diabetes is one of these, and…
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7 Tips for Socializing Your Dog

tips for socializing your dog
Even if your dog is your only pet, occasions will arise when your pup needs to know how to play nicely with…
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Aggression in Cats: Common Causes & Symptoms

Even the sweetest cats can be aggressive from time to time, which is why it is important to understand where this behavior…
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How to Deal with Conjunctivitis in Dogs and Cats

Conjunctivitis, otherwise known as pink eye, is a relatively common eye infection that can affect dogs and cats. In order to treat…
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20 Ways to Pet-Proof Your Home

Your furry family deserves to be happy, healthy, and safe from common household hazards. But animals, especially younger ones, are naturally curious,…
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Tips for Winter Pet Care

Having a pet, especially an outdoor pet, can be difficult when temperatures drop. It’s a common misconception that animals with fur can…
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What Is Your Cat’s Personality? [QUIZ]

Cats are generally thought of as more reserved and independent than their canine counterparts. However, just like people, every cat has his/her…
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7 Common Health Problems in Senior Cats

While cats tend to age more gracefully than dogs, they often experience numerous health problems in their later years. It is important…
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Pet Euthanasia: When Is it Time to Let Go?

One of the most difficult decisions any pet owner is faced with is knowing when to let go. Choosing the right time…
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Coping with the Loss of a Pet

loss of pet grief
Pets are more than just your furry friends; they are beloved members of your family. You celebrate your pets’ birthdays, confide in…
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Tips for Helping Your Blind Dog Adapt

Although it can be heartbreaking to learn that your aging dog is going blind, the silver lining is knowing that there are…
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As many may already know, cannabis has been used medicinally for centuries. In fact, the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes can…
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Brain Aging, Behavioral Changes & Alertness in Dogs

Brain Aging, Behavioral Changes and Alertness in Dogs Just like us, our pets can suffer as they age, leaving them with declining…
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Senior and Geriatric Life for Dogs

Senior Dogs and Canine Lifespan Domestic dogs live 10 to 12 years on average. Small breeds often exceed that norm, and giant…
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Watching your pet age can be heartbreaking, but unfortunately, it is inevitable. The good news is, there are ways you can make sure your pet lives the fullest, happiest life possible. General wellness for our pets includes everything from plenty of exercise, a safe & secure home, and of course, a healthy diet. In the same way that you take your vitamins every day, our pets need certain nutrients as well. Canna-Pet can help with that by providing health tips to help prevent any health issues or dog diseases in the future.

Quick Fact: Senior years occur at different ages in different breeds, and probably occur much earlier than most people realize for their petAs a general rule, 7 years is considered senior, and regardless of breed, any dog over age 9 years is considered geriatric.

*Survey conducted by Colorado State University, published in the Journal of the AHVMA, 2016. Results are from 457 dog owners, with an opinion, confirming that Canna-Pet® products have helped a moderate amount or a lot with individual issues.