Cookie Lyons and Othello

I first purchased CBD Advanced Max liquid for my Boerboel Joey Wales who was suffering from liver cancer. She was too far gone by the time I discovered your site so when it arrived she passed away two days later. But as the consummate professional your company i has shown itself to be, you allowed me to return the unused portion for a full refund. Now I have two Boerboels (mother and son) Cookie Lyons and Othello the Moor and they have skin allergies. I have adjusted their diet, created topical oils for them, use a tea rinse after their bath. Barely making a difference in the skin issues so then I revisited your site because every pup in the litter seems to have skin issues. I have purchased the oil and biscuits for my dogs and the pups I gave to family members and the change has been amazing. No more oozing bumps and sores, smooth, pink skin, no itchy skin nor stinky, yeast infected ears. All cured, I believe to the 3 month regiment of CBD Advanced max oil and biscuits. My parents have even ordered more biscuits on their own so now you have my whole family loyal to your company.