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Our dog tore her ACL and the biscuits have been a godsend while awaiting surgery.

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Bone Pain, Limping Miniature Pinscher

When she was about a year old she started limping and we took her into the vet. It turned out she was born with a bone disease that was moving through her hip at a very fast rate. A family member gave us a few of your biscuits and it was like magic. I order a 3 pack of biscuits immediately and work like a lucky charm.

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Joint & Mobility Issues, Limping

Josie has been using Canna-Pet for about 60 days. 3 x a day. i had not seen much change in mobility – – – until the last four days when she seems happier and “bouncier” and uses all four legs to walk (very little limping).

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About a year ago Patience became ataxic and had facial paralysis. After a month of using CBD, her symptoms had resolved and she was back to herself!

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Scarlett & Garrison

Back Problems, Joint Pain, mobility issues

We were skeptical about the CBD when a friend Terri at the park told us she used it for her 14 year old standard poodle Bella. She gave me a box of biscuits to try. I saw the dogs becoming more spry and limber in their movements especially upon rising from the bed or floor.

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Joint & Mobility Issues, Joint Pain, Pain

My horse Roy has had a broken and dislocated leg and knee joint x 2years ago. He has recovered, but has been inflicted with Arthritis…. We started on Canna-pet a year and a half ago, and really notice a big difference in him!

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Joint Pain German Shepherd Dog

After noticing Shadow having a hard time getting up from lying down, I knew immediately he was having hip and joint pain as is expected in 9 year-old 100 lb German Shepherd. I found Canna-Pet online and after reading the stories decided I would try it. It has made a definite difference!

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Little Bear

Aging, Bone Pain, Inflammation, Joint Pain, Pain Labrador Retriever

This is Little Bear enjoying the snow in NJ. He was having a little difficulty getting up off the floor so we ordered CBD oil from Canna-Pet. After the first few doses, we saw a major improvement. Little Bear no longer struggles to get to his feet. This 11 year old pup has more energy and seems to be pain free. We strongly recommend this product. Little Bear and his parents thank you Canna-Pet!!

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Aging, Bone Pain, Inflammation, Joint Pain

This is Max, my 9yo Corgi. His holistic vet suggested we give him canna pet 2x a day to help with his back and hip issues. He loves the biscuits and I feel like they are making him more comfortable…especially when it comes to sleeping at night…Thank you.

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Aging, Arthritis, Bone Pain, Joint Pain, Pain Labrador Retriever

Ares is a 14-yr old lab-mix with severe arthritis. We were introduced to Canna-Pet by our veterinarian to use as supplement to other medications. We did notice a big difference in his mobility after a few of days of steady use. We are very happy with the results.

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Aging, Bone Pain, Joint Pain, Pain Labrador Retriever

To say his response to the CBD was miraculous is an understatement. He has not had a tramadol for over five months, is hiking every day and best of all we took him pheasant hunting last week! He was so excited and despite the intense exercise he was fine the next morning and NO LIMP!

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Showing 1 – 24 of 73 Testimonials