Health Issues:
Mellow's Breeds:

Mellow is at least a 12-year-old black Lab mix. He started having arthritis issues several years ago, and they finally progressed to needing meds in the last year. The vet put him on gabapentin twice a day with an optional 3rd pill if needed. He’s gotten bad enough that he loses control of his back end and can’t always do steps, and this gets worse when it gets cold. He limps and can’t do stairs. My mom had gotten some of the large dog capsules for one of her dogs and ended up not needing it, so she gave it to me for one of my other dogs who has severe allergy issues. After talking to the vet, we decided, since he’s doing good and allergic to everything, to leave it. I started giving my baby Mellow the CBD max capsules twice a day a couple weeks ago and the change has been awesome. He can do stairs and seems to be okay in the cold. I’m gonna keep him on it for the rest of his life.