Health Issues:

Three years ago, our dog, Moon, broke his elbow. Our vet recommended surgery – they inserted 13 screws and a plate. It seemed to be healing well. After several months of antibiotics, it turned out he was having an allergic reaction to the plate and screws, so the vet went back into remove the plate and screws 6 months later. We were hopeful that the healed bones would hold, but an Xray a couple of weeks later revealed they hadn’t. The break was in such a difficult location (right in the joint) that the vet recommended we treat it as a soft tissue/arthritic injury (he did not think another surgery would benefit). We tried joint-formula and vitamins, but then I found the Advanced Max CBD from Canna-Pet; and that’s the ONLY thing that seems to make him limp less. We give about a 1/4 dropper, 3 times a day. He doesn’t mind the taste or smell, and like I said, it’s the only thing that seems to help! Thank you!