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Mobility Issues, Thunderstorm Anxiety

He has benefitted from the Canna-Pet Advanced Large Breed capsules that he has been taking for the last several months. As an added benefit, the product seems to have calmed his anxiety – particularly during storms.

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Mobility Issues, Pain

I saw the great reviews for Canna Pet and gave it a try. It definitely seemed to ease her discomfort and now I give it to her more as a “maintenance” supplement.

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Cancer, Mobility Issues

I decided to try the cannapet for my dogs stiffness, doctors wanted him on another medication with common side effects I was Leary. So I ordered and he actually rests nicely.

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Bone Pain, Limping Miniature Pinscher

When she was about a year old she started limping and we took her into the vet. It turned out she was born with a bone disease that was moving through her hip at a very fast rate. A family member gave us a few of your biscuits and it was like magic. I order a 3 pack of biscuits immediately and work like a lucky charm.

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Joint & Mobility Issues, Limping

Josie has been using Canna-Pet for about 60 days. 3 x a day. i had not seen much change in mobility – – – until the last four days when she seems happier and “bouncier” and uses all four legs to walk (very little limping).

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Hip Dysplasia, Mobility Issues, Pain Weimaraner

I have extra time with my 11yr old Weimaraner thanks to canna-pet due to hip displasia, severe pain with temporary demobilization when I started hemp therapy. Within 30 minutes Graydee was up and mobile and improving to my extreme relief.

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Showing 49 – 72 of 141 Testimonials