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Arthritis, Joint & Mobility Issues, Limping Bull Terrier

Canna-Pet has been an amazing product for my old Bull Terrier, Tigre. The effect was quick – within a week, it was like she was good as new! I can tell by her behavior, the lack of limping, and her still daily demands for her morning walk that she feels a lot better with Canna-Pet’s help!

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Arthritis, back leg, Hip Dysplasia (HD), Mobility Issues, Pain Golden Retriever

After being on the Canna-Pet large pill for over a month, we have been able to reduce the arthritis medication by half thankfully. He seems much more comfortable and enjoying his senior years more. The goal was to help with the pain management and mobility in a non-invasive way and it truly seems to be helping.

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Mobility Issues Chihuahua, Pug, Mixed

I noticed he started slowing down and refusing to come with me some days. After a few weeks of Canna-pet treats in his diet (which he devours) he acts like a spring chicken and even jumps on the couch and bed. We thank you Canna-Pet!

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Mobility Issues, Pain Golden Retriever

Our 13 year old golden retriever, Windy has been declining fast these past few months with her mobility and pain. Our hospice veterinarian recommend the Canna-Pet products and literally within a day she was full of more energy and eating better and playing with our 5 year old cat again.

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Sammy Hooper

Lethargy, Mobility Issues

Dr. Ford suggested that Sammy might benefit from Canna-Pet, and we promptly ordered our first bottle. Honestly, it’s been a bit of a miracle. He started feeling better quickly and has resumed walking, running, and most importantly, bounding off the couch and racing through the house with joy when we arrive home.

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Mobility Issues, Pain, weak and wobbly hind German Shepherd Dog

I started getting these treats for my 12 year old German Shepard that is losing her back end very quickly. After just the second feeding of treats i could already see a difference in her movement and the way she walked. She does not fall as much as she was and seems to not be as wobbly.

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ACL, Joint & Mobility Issues Labrador Retriever

Two years ago he had surgery to repair a torn ACL, and I sought out a daily treat that could help his mobility. He’s been taking various flavors of Canna-biscuits daily and I’ve seen a huge improvement in his mobility and his attitude 🙂

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Arthritis, Limping, Pain German Shepherd Dog

After visiting our veterinarian, it appears he has arthritis in his knee and in pain. We began giving him canna pet after referral from a friend and after a short time he has shown noticeable improvement with less pain and very minimal limping.

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ACL Cockapoo

Our 14 year old Cockapoo has a torn ACL. Within a week of using the oil, he was walking without a limp

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Our dog tore her ACL and the biscuits have been a godsend while awaiting surgery.

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back leg, Mobility Issues Newfoundland

We have tried other CBD products to see if we could give some of our local growers some support, but get no effect. CannaPet is the only produce we have tried that gives us amazing results.

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Mobility Issues, Pain

My boy Chad is 9 years old and was diagnosed with multiple damaged cervical discs. After we started giving him the Canna Pet CBD oil we immediately saw a much better version of him.

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Showing 25 – 48 of 141 Testimonials