Tigre's Breeds:

Canna-Pet has been an amazing product for my old Bull Terrier, Tigre. He is turning 13 this fall and after a decade of daily runs, and then FAST walks; she started slowing down dramatically about 18 months ago. This was really out of character for her, as she DEMANDS a daily walk of a good distance and pace. But sadly, she started going much slower; significantly limping some days, and some days even turning around after about a block. It was really sad as this Bullie LIVES for her walks. He even does this happy dance when you approached the drawer with the leash. We went to the vet and had some x-rays done to confirm she has arthritis in both front and back legs. They suggested steroids, which I am never thrilled about, and I told them I’d think about it. Then I heard about Canna-Pet at a charity function last winter in 2018. Thought I’d give it a try since it is a natural approach. I readily found the website, input some information, and got immediate friendly help with recommendations on products, as well as doses. The effect was quick – within a week, it was like she was good as new! It was so great to have my walking pal back; although she is still slowing down little by little as the past year and a half has gone by, I can tell by her behavior, the lack of limping, and her still daily demands for her morning walk (some with short happy dances!) that she feels a lot better with Canna-Pet’s help! I am thrilled to recommend this product to anyone that has a pet that has bad joints, as it has definitely helped with my bullie!! 😉