My 20 Year Cat BEEBS has been taking CANNA PET for over two years. It has made an incredible difference in his life! He gets half of an ADVANCED MAX PILL with breakfast and the other half before bedtime. He has kidney disease, high blood pressure, early stage dementia, asthma, and Osteoarthritis. Canna Pet Advance Max has helped with every one of these serious conditions along with meds and fluids. It has especially made a huge difference with his arthritis and has made his dementia symptoms completely disappear. Canna Pet Advanced Max also keeps him at his perfect weight of 14.5 pounds (he is a large cat – but fit) because it keeps his appetite strong. It really relaxes him and he doesn’t feel pain, despite not taking any pain meds. He runs around like a kitten a lot of days. Beeb’s had his VET check up and bloodwork a few days ago and his kidney number are improving, and all his other numbers are perfect.. which is amazing!! My vet now recommends Canna Pet to her elderly dog and cat patients. I highly recommend it to anyone I know with pets. Thank you so much for your product!