Health Issues:
Orion's Breeds:

A few years ago, Sofia, our 12-year-old Newfie had significant improvements in just a few days (doubled her exercises tolerance, quadrupled her speed, starting going upstairs straight instead of an angle) and a few weeks (walked down 1/4 mile incline to the dock where we had to drive her down to the boat ramp for the past year and walked back UP the 1/4 mile incline, no problem). I told many friends about CannaPet and all had significant results with their dogs and cats. CannaPet truly made Sofia seem years younger in health. After she died, I gave the rest of the bottle to our neighbor for her husky. She used CannaPet and reminded me that I should try it for Orion, my almost 11-year-old Newfie who was starting to have a gimpy leg (despite veterinary care) and struggling to get up sometimes. Within two days, instead of walking with a gimp on walks, he was trotting and almost running on his walks. We have tried other CBD products to see if we could give some of our local growers some support, but get no effect. CannaPet is the only produce we have tried that gives us amazing results.