Health Issues:
Zoe's Breeds:

I started getting these treats for my 12 year old German Shepard that is losing her back end very quickly. She is on several meds and while her pain seems a little better with the pills they are not working as well as i would have hoped and they certainly don’t help her movement. After just the second feeding of treats i could already see a difference in her movement and the way she walked. She does not fall as much as she was and seems to not be as wobbly. I will continue to use these treats for her for the rest of her life. I am extremely happy with how much more comfortable she is and the fact that she can now make it to the barn again to keep an eye on me. It makes her extremely upset when she cannot see me. So me going outside to feed away from her was not good. Also she seems to know that they make her feel better and she makes sure i know when she needs them. She is quite the talker. Thank you so much for making a product that not only works but that she loves!!