Sammy Hooper

My dog Sammy Hooper is going to turn 16 on July 5th. He’s the light of my and my partner Jeff’s life. About six months ago Sammy became very sluggish and uninterested in walking. Previously he’d been a strong hiker and loved to run on the golf course outside our house. We took him to Dr. Ford, our vet, who noted that he had a displaced knee cap. Dr. Ford suggested that Sammy might benefit from Canna-Pet, and we promptly ordered our first bottle. Honestly, it’s been a bit of a miracle. He started feeling better quickly and has resumed walking, running, and most importantly, bounding off the couch and racing through the house with joy when we arrive home. I’ve recommended this product to many people with dogs since then and think you’ve attained a few more customers as a result. Thank you for making a difference in Sammy’s life.