Bridget(top of photo in back of Alfie) was 12 years old when we adopted her. She had a bad hip, 3 fused vertebrae, needing full dental, tumors also seem in lymph nodes and some shadows starting in lungs, and a collapsed trachea. Our veterinarian chose to use a conservative path, not putting her thru all the surgeries, and just providing palliative care on a day by day basis. She started to have seizure like episodes which were actually a paralysis caused by the back issues. These episodes were increasing in number. Our vet gave us the information and told us specifically that he trusted Canna-pet when I asked him about alternative care as Bridget was getting to the point that she would not be able to walk. He tried traditional medications for awhile. Each would work somewhat and then not at all. At first I gave up on trying as she thrashed around and made herself worse when I tried to give her the liquid. But as she was up to having episodes several times an hour, barely able to stand up, coughing all the time , and all her other issues, it looked like we would be loosing her. I gave the canna pet capsules a try, We hid them in food. January 1 we began the routine.Not one episode since. She was able to go off all medications except blood pressure. Her cough has practically gone, and her tumors have shrunk except one. She is able to go for walks!. We still take her stroller so she can keep up with Alfie and go the distance when she tires out. We are beyond impressed. I figured it would help, but never imagined it would improve her quality of life so much!