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Nos' Breeds:

I just wanted to let you guys know what a great job you do. We have a MinPin names Nos, who we adore. When she was about a year old she started limping and we took her into the vet. It turned out she was born with a bone disease that was moving through her hip at a very fast rate. Surgery was scheduled and rehabilitation started immediately. She also has several of herb vertebrae fused together That was about 10 years ago, she moves very normal and most people have no clue she has a floating hip. About a year ago we could see a visible change in her demeanor, she was cranky and wanted little interaction from us or the other dogs. We didn’t want to put her on pain pills, but wanted her to get some relief. A family member gave us a few of your biscuits and it was like magic. I order a 3 pack of biscuits immediately and work like a lucky charm. She is back to her normal self, playing with the other dogs, sunning in the backyard, jumping, and a much better attitude. Thank you!!!