Stella and Jazzy

Health Issues:
Stella and Jazzy's Breeds:

Brindle Girl 185 pound English Mastiff 6 years old Jazzy and

Fawn Girl 195 pound English Mastiff 3 years old Stella.


I bought the deal with the 3 flavors of Canna-Pet biscuit treats and the Capsules Advanced Large. And my fur babies love them all. I first bought them because my 2 gentle giants are seriously afraid of loud noises such as storms, fireworks, loud music, loud trucks, and anything else loud that isn’t everyday normal. Well as soon as I sense a nervous girl I give them a few biscuits and for really bad noises I give them biscuits and capsules and within 10 minutes they are calmed down and okay with their life’s again. Also recently with our 6 year old English Mastiff Jazzy we’ve noticed that she’s been having some hip and leg pain so we’ve been giving her capsules with her food and they really help with the pain! So thank you so much Canna pet for making such a good quality CBC product for our fur babies and making life good for us and them.