This is my 11-year-old dog Vera who lives in Ypsilanti, Michigan. She has been in my life since she was three months old and when she turned 10 we noticed some digestive issues, appetite changes, energy level issues and joint issues. We tried different treats, supplements and even prescriptions, but nothing seemed to help her. I work at the Humane Society of Huron Valley and a coworker gave me canna-pet to try. After only about a week of using it I noticed a major change in her overall behavior and energy level. She was acting just like a puppy again! Her joint problems have gotten much better and she can jump back onto my bed again. Before canna-pet she would sometimes have issues jumping up onto the couch and bed. We’ve also noticed that the canna-pet helps her appetite, so she’s eating more of her prescription digestive food! I’m very grateful that I tried canna-pet and I will definitely continue to buy this product for her and all the other dogs I have in the future!

Here she is being adorable in an apple orchard.