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Roxy started having random seizures in May of 2018. Within about 2 months, the seizures started to worsen to almost to every couple days, sometimes 2 times a day. We had her on phenobarbital and had to keep increasing it to try to get them under control. Knowing this medication could potentially damage her liver, I researched other options and there were many people talking about CBD to control seizures. After talking with Roxy’s neurologist, he suggested that we add Canna-Pet along with phenobarbital to try to lessen them. After about 3 months of adding it to her food and doing lots of blood work to monitor her levels because there is no set amount suggested for a 5-pound chihuahua, we thought we might have a good plan as they lessened to one every few days. We are so excited to be able to say that she has had NO seizures since November 2018. Her neurologists truly believes that the combination of Canna-Pet and phenobarbital are the reason for this. We have been gradually weaning her off phenobarbital with hopes that eventually she will not need it and that Canna-Pet will continue to maintain whatever was causing her seizures. Only time will tell but we have high hopes considering the remarkable difference. I would recommend this to anyone that has dogs with a history of seizures!