Customer Success Story: Dunny & Debbie

Sometimes it can be hard to imagine that an animal as big and strong as a horse can ever experience pain. However, even the most powerful creatures in the animal kingdom can get sore or injured relatively easily.

While determining whether a horse is in pain is not always easy, it doesn’t mean that the signs (no matter how small) should be ignored. When Debbie Taylor noticed that her horse Dunny was lame and in pain, she turned to Canna-Pet. Read her story below!

Tell us a little bit about your pet:

Dunny is a 23-year old Quarter Horse gelding who had become extremely lame as he aged. Although the lameness was exclusive to his front legs, Dunny experienced pain and discomfort in his hind legs as well.

Note: A horse is considered “lame” if they are showing signs of being sore or injured. This could be something as trivial as a stone in the horse’s hoof or as serious as a spinal alignment problem. When a horse is lame, it is important that you do not ride him and ensure he is given the proper treatment and care needed to heal.

What led you to look for a solution?

Before I found Canna-Pet, I was running out of conventional options. I had tried Bute, Banamine, as well as a host of other natural products.

What was important to you when looking for a solution?

During my search for a solution for Dunny’s discomfort, I wanted to find a product that delivered results without any side effects.

What convinced you to give Canna-Pet a try?

After running out of conventional options to treat Dunny’s lameness, I was feeling discouraged. Before I found Canna-Pet, the only alternative seemed to be putting him down.

Tell us about your experience using Canna-Pet:

After trying Canna-Pet out on Dunny, I was very happy to see results almost immediately. He can now move around the pasture and graze happily again.

If Dunny could talk, what would he say about Canna-Pet?

“I’m grateful for the relief from constant pain.”

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to try this product on Dunny. He is a great pasture pal to my other horse Butch and we were not looking forward to the alternative.

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