Without you guys & your product, my dog would still be on steroids for his Atopic skin allergy. Steroids that were slowly killing him! An allergy my vet said only steroids could control…..
Little did she know that 1 large Canna-pet capsule a day would resolve it…a dose that’s stayed the same for over 5 yrs….the steroids were always increasing & were never 100%.
Merlin hasn’t bit or itched himself from within a month of using Canna-pet! Our vet was so impressed.  She also said, for a 13yr old Border Terrier, he has the best coat she’s ever seen!
I’m a ‘see to believe’ kinda person & once I ‘saw’ your product worked, about 5 yrs ago, I’ve recommended you to every person I’ve come across with any dog problem whatsoever & I’ve praised you all over my social media too.
Thank you for giving my dog an itch & steroid free life.
If I ever get another dog, I will definitely give it Canna-pet from day one!
Many many Thanks
Steve & Merlin