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Pain Labrador Retriever

Look how happy YooHoo looks here in sunny Florida after canna-pet dog biscuits with a drop of cbd oil on them. She hurt her rear leg and couldn’t put pressure on it until the canna biscuits!

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Anxiety American Pit Bull Terrier

I just wanted to let you guys know what a benefit the Canna-Pet Organic Biscuits have been for my dog George. He is definitely more relaxed, not whining or nervous all the time like he used to be. He is a much happier, more playful dog. Thank you so much!

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dog seizures, Seizures, seizures in dogs Pug

Implementing the CBD pills has enabled us to significantly decrease his seizure incidents AND phenobarbital dosage, which is wonderful since the pharmaceutical drug is hard for the liver to process.

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Arthritis, Pain Pomeranian

I had been on pet cannabis prior to this for a couple of years….with some relief but nothing like the Max Oil!! With a 30 day money back guarantee mom says,…order it NOW!! You will be so happy you helped your baby this way!!!

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dog seizures, Seizures, seizures in dogs Schipperke

Manis went from having multiple seizures a day to just one and it’s not as severe! Some days, she won’t even have a seizure. It helps with her anxiety as well. I would highly recommend Canna-Pet!!!

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Arthritis, bone pain, Inflammation, Joint Pain Mastiff

After finding Canna-pet, we never looked back!! I cannot tell you enough how these pills have turned Ruby’s life around. She is given the advanced formula capsules 2x a day along with her thyroid medication (morning and night).

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Arthritis, Pain Bulldog

D’Bo has been on Canna-Pet for about a year and it has definitely improved his active lifestyle. Also I checked with my Vet and she did her research and she said this is the Best product out there!

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Arthritis, Pain Border Collie

After chronic soreness due to arthritis, our 11-year-old Border Collie says “”thank you””. This product has increased her mobility and mood, giving her a more pain-free life as a senior. We highly encourage any dog owner to support this product.

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Aging, Anxiety, Pain Labrador Retriever, Mixed

Since taking your biscuits the improvement was unbelievable within 48 hrs. He is now taking an interest, is calm and sleeps through the night. We walk every day and is once again always at the door to greet me with tail wagging.

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Aging, Pain Mixed

He started on Canna-Pet Advance 12 days ago. We saw a remarkable difference within 2 days. He is now jumping up on the couch and is able to get in the truck. No more moaning and he is not shedding like he was.

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Aging, Appetite, Pain Catahoula Leopard Dog, Mixed

We’ve been giving her the CBD treats 2x daily for several months and have noticed much improvement in her comfort/mobility. Her appetite has also increased. She isn’t going to be signing up for any marathons, but she’s perky during the day and more settled at night. Her daily walks are much easier and we’re so grateful for her increased quality of life!

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