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We give her the CBD treats when it is supposed to thunderstorm and when there are fireworks and they work great! Makes us happy to see her so much more calm during the scary moments.

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Muscle Spasms, Tremors Ragdoll

I have given Daisey, who is 18 this month, canna-pet for a month, and she seems to be doing so much better. She’s has tremors, which don’t seem as often, plus is eating better. I have recommended this product to so many pet owners.

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Cancer, Mobility Issues

A veterinarian for the cancer group I’ve joined recommended Canna Pet, and we’ve been giving Tootie this product for almost a year. Her mobility seems to increase when taking this product and it’s been so wonderful to see.

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After the third one I did research and came across Canna pet. I ordered them and started giving 2 biscuits at night and ever since, Bella has not had any more seizures.

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Cancer, nose cancer Chihuahua

He started taking Canna-Pet in March in addition to his prescribed meds. Since then, he has been stable with no bleeding incidents.

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Paloma has terminal cancer. Our Vet suggested we try an herbal regimen using Canna-Pet. She has been running around enjoying life and hanging with her friends for 4 months now.

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Arthritis, Mobility Issues

Our older dog, Chi, suffers from arthritis and she’s a large dog that weighs almost 100 pounds. We’ve alternated between the drops and the pills but it’s definitely making a difference.

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Anxiety, Fear & Phobias, Stress

Athena was a cruelty case with PTSD as the affects of being treated so badly.  They recommended I pair anti-anxiety medication with Canna-Pet.  We have been ordering it and it’s working wonders! 

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Cancer, Cat Cancer

In September of 2018, Lucky, then 14 years old, was diagnosed with cancer of the colon.  We were told that if we didn’t put Lucky on chemotherapy, he probably only had a month to live.  I found that Canna-Pet had received excellent reviews from customers and started Lucky on the advanced small capsules and turkey or chicken baby food.  It is now April of 2021 and Lucky is doing well! 

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Anxiety, Seizures

Tucker was diagnosed with Idiopathic seizure disorder. This poor little guy is at the maximum dosage of his seizure medications. So we ordered one bottle of the Canna-Pet CBD. Since the introduction twice a day, he is no longer anxious, is sleeping through the night, and is back to a general playful self!

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Aggression, Anxiety Poodle

Now that we use Canna-Pet Advanced Max, she doesn’t have any such troubles, and it really seems to be helping. It hasn’t changed her from her bright, bouncy self, just taken the edge off slightly, helping her cope with all the wheels and children out in the world.

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Arthritis, Seizures

I have already used CBD for my little Terrier who developed epilepsy a few years ago; and I don’t believe in coincidences but his seizure cleared up completely, not one.

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Snowy & Snickers

Anxiety, Pain Labrador Retriever, Mixed

Snowy, a 7-year-old-yellow Lab Mix, has been deaf and blind since birth. I started using Canna-Pet a few months ago and I have actually seen a difference in her moods for the first time! She has been calmer and more loving and doesn’t always ‘freak out’ when unexpectedly touched.  I added in the biscuits this past month and both of my dogs love them!

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Joint Pain, Mobility Issues, Pain, Senior/Geriatric Labrador Retriever

Our year-old, 80 lb.-Lab, Ethel, clearly experienced a great deal of pain just moving around, and could barely get around. Within an hour of her first dose, she was playing normally with her sister Lucy. While every dog’s problems are unique, Canna-Pet worked for us. Five years later, she is still going strong.

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Showing 49 – 72 of 1226 Testimonials