Health Issues:

I had a friend recommend Canna-Pet because our 3 ½-year-old puppy began having seizures in June.  We saw a neurologist, had all the appropriate testing done (MRI, spinal tap and blood work). Once everything was ruled out, Tucker was diagnosed with Idiopathic seizure disorder.  He was started on phenobarbital but his seizures continued. Then, they added another seizure medication and after months, a third one.  The longest he has gone without a seizure has been 5 weeks, one time and at the very beginning but it appears that his body would adjust to the new medication.  And we couldn’t get him past two weeks and 2 days.  It was almost like clockwork.  We follow the neurologist’s protocol.  We then asked him about the product and he could/would not recommend it, as it is not part of his protocol and “not enough research.”  We knew about the Colorado State University Study.  In fact, we were so desperate that we couldn’t get past two weeks; my husband actually spoke to someone there but they were not accepting out of town dogs due to COVID.  Finally, we figured, we had nothing to lose.  This poor little guy is at the maximum dosage of his seizure medications, so we ordered one bottle of the Canna-Pet CBD. Thank you, thank you for providing this opportunity for so many and especially our little Tucker.  We are now at 7 weeks and still going strong seizure free but there are also other positive side effects.  The medication was making him anxious, he was not sleeping through the night and he just “wasn’t his playful self”. (I guess difficult to be when you are on so many meds!)  Since the introduction twice a day, he is no longer anxious, is sleeping through the night, and is back to a general playful self!  We know he will most likely have future seizures but hopefully they will be milder and with much longer periods of time in between. We have kept him on his medication regime but Canna-Pet has been our miracle drug.