Health Issues:

Our cat, Lucky, had been losing weight, and we had taken him to several vets and received different diagnoses.  In September of 2018, Lucky, then 14 years old, was diagnosed with cancer of the colon.  We decided on surgery to try to remove the cancer.  After surgery, we were told by the vet that they took out all of the tumor that they could but didn’t get it all.  They had resected all of the bowel that they could but the margins were not clear.

We were told that if we didn’t put Lucky on chemotherapy, he probably only had a month to live.  We didn’t want to put Lucky through chemo since the prognosis wasn’t good. I researched ways to make Lucky more comfortable.  I found that Canna-Pet had received excellent reviews from customers and started Lucky on the advanced small capsules and turkey or chicken baby food.

It is now April of 2021 and Lucky is doing well!  Our vet can’t explain why Lucky is doing so well, but just says “Don’t stop doing what you are doing!”   Thank you, Canna-Pet!