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Liver Cancer

My dogs name is Jack and he has liver cancer. I was told about cbd capsules and your company from my daughter’s sister in law who used it on her cat for the same condition. So far so good.

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Ruptured Anterior Cruciate Ligament Great Dane

My Great Dane ‘Harley’ is a big fan! I’m so pleased with the results of Canna-Pet and I do genuinely believe it has bought us a few more years! Harley is still lolloping round like a fool with his mates and is all round a lot happier in himself.

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Aggression Boxer, American Pit Bull Terrier, Mixed

We were devastated and struggled with having Rugby euthanized. We were told about Canna pet treats and decided to try them – we were in amazement at how well they worked. Rugby became very docile and showed no aggression or interest toward our smaller dogs.

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Seizures Shiba Inu

Kona, our 4 year old Shiba inu, was having minor seizures until our vet recommended Canna-Pet. Ever since we started her on the capsules, she’s been seizure-free!

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Cat Arthritis, Lethargy

My 18 yr. old kitty’s health had started to decline a year ago. She was lethargic, had no appetite (she used to run for her dinner). After 1 month of Canna Pet she was running to dinner again. LOVE this product!

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (Dogs)

Reno suffers from OCD. He is obsessed with balls and if he can’t find one he will eat rocks. Canna-Pet helps Reno with his OCD and anxiety, he is not as panicked and frantic when he takes him CBD.

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Mast Cell Tumors

Gidget (rescued with Cricket) was diagnosed with Mast Cell Tumors in 2014. She went on Canna-Pet when Buggy did and hasn’t had a tumor since.

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Grand Mal Seizures, Seizures

Cricket started having grand mal seizures this year that were so severe she stopped breathing a few times. A MRI, spinal tap and cat scan were done to try to find the cause. Our vet told us to put her on the oil, not just the treats and now she hasn’t had a seizure since she has been on the oil.

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Levi and Felix

Anxiety, Heart Defects, Pain, Shoulder Dysplasia

They are brothers who both suffer from shoulder dysphasia. The little one Felix also has from a heart defect. Since starting Cann-Pet they can now play all day and no more limping or anti inflammatory medications. Levi also has severe anxiety. He will spin in circles, cry, bark and nervously pee uncontrollably without his Canna-Pet.

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Heart Defects, Mast Cell Tumors

He was being breed over and over with a congenital heart defect. 18 months ago he was diagnosed with Mast Cell Tumors. After the tumor was removed we went 3 hours into the next state to see a holistic vet, the vet put Buggy on Canna-Pet and he has been cancer free since.

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Arthritis, Horse Colic, Laminitis

Paisley is draft mule who was rescued from a kill pen in January. She is 30. We started using Canna-Pet max oil to help her pain and she has improved greatly, plus no damage to her stomach lining.

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Back Problems, Dementia

Canna Pet has really helped his weak back end. (He is 15!) But more than that, he is getting doggie dementia and poops in the house though he has always used his dog door. Since starting on Canna-Pet, he has stopped pooping inside and appears more alert.

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Love canna-pet dog biscuits. My dog is an old man and he sometimes will go on hunger strikes. I’ve found that with just 1 bone, he ends up eating his food within an hour or 2!!

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Lady has had several seizures as many as 6 in a day! Since taking Canna-Pet CBD she has only had a couple of seizures and they have been very mild.

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Our dog has anxiety with any noise or change in routine. She is much more able to deal with these situations when given a few drops of Canna-pet.

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Cat Anxiety

Donovan was an anxious cat and his behavior was very unpredictable. Fortunately we found Canna-pet CBD! Our cat is now calm, happy, and friendly, keeping our family together! Thankful from CA!

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Bentley St. George

Anxiety, Thunderstorm Anxiety, Travel Anxiety Mixed

Bentley St. George is our 3-year-old mixed breed cutie pie that, sadly, has developed a few triggers for anxiety and reactivity over the past three years. We have been SO PLEASED in the 10 days that he has been taking the Canna-Pet cookies. He is so much lighter, less worried, and is so enthusiastic about playing and going for walks!

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Joint & Mobility Issues Boxer

Our dog Ace is a boxer hound who is starting to slow down a bit. If we forget to give him them for a day he struggles to get off the couch and maintain daily activity. We will never buy a different brand of CBD treats for our big guy!

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Hip Dysplasia, mobility issues, Pain Weimaraner

I have extra time with my 11yr old Weimaraner thanks to canna-pet due to hip displasia, severe pain with temporary demobilization when I started hemp therapy. Within 30 minutes Graydee was up and mobile and improving to my extreme relief.

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Diabetes, Glaucoma Beagle, Mixed

My beagle mix Odie, is almost 13 years old and after developing diabetes last May, he soon after went blind with cataracts. Last september, he developed Glaucoma, which is very painful for dogs. I started giving him the canna pet advancedMax twice a day a few weeks after his diagnosis. It has been 10 months and he has maintained normal eye pressure the entire time.

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My dog Lucy, really enjoys the biscuits. They help to ease her arthritis pain and I am so grateful!

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