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Seizures, seizures in dogs, seizures in senior dogs Border Collie, Mixed

I hope our story can encourage others to try and I do hope that the CBD works for them as well. I am ever so grateful that I came across Canna-pet and frequently share my story with people who say they know somebody or their dog has seizures

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Aging, Arthritis, dog seizures, Pain, seizures in dogs, seizures in senior dogs Labrador Retriever

I started giving him your dog treats, coupled with a higher dose CBD oil for dogs (if you make one, I’ll buy it!). Well, today Gus led my other lab and I on a one mile walk, and has relaxed enough to accept more petting and be more of a friend to my other lab. I haven’t wanted to mess with seizure meds but he’s off pain killers.

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Anxiety Labrador Retriever

A friend recommended Canna-Pet and I started Odin on biscuits about 3-4 months ago.The change in him has been very positive. Since we have had so much success with Odin we have started giving our 12 year old pit mix biscuits as well.

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dog seizures, Seizures, seizures in dogs Pomeranian

I started her on cbd canna biscuits and she does not have seizures anymore. It is controlling them. I give her the biscuits daily.

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bone pain, Joint Pain, Pain Cane Corso

It was awful seeing our sweet boy in pain so we tried Canna-Pet to offer him comfort. Since then he is back to his playful puppy self & we are happy Canna-Pet customers!

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dog seizures, Seizures, seizures in dogs Chihuahua

Romeo started to having Seizures also lot’s of hip,joint and pain in his back legs, every time he would skip on his back legs, after giving him Canna-Pet every day he hasn’t had any more Seizures also he now Runs on all 4 legs.

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dog seizures, Seizures, seizures in dogs Shih Tzu

My wife and I researched many options and decided to try Canna Pet. He has been seizure free since beginning to take these supplements and his spirits have been lifted as well!

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Aging, dog seizures, Pain, Seizures, seizures in dogs Poodle

our orders later, we thank canna-pet for giving us our Sunday back. His mobility has greatly improved, he has better eyesight, and has not suffered seizures.

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Anxiety, Separation Anxiety German Shepherd Dog

I definitely notice a substantial difference with Canna-Pet’s Max biscuits in the bacon flavor. While she’s still herself, it takes more to get her worked up than it normally does. This has been a huge help; thank you!!

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Aging, Glaucoma Chow Chow

A friend referred me to Canna-Pet. We’ve been using the Advanced Max CBD drops along with her prescribed eye drops for a few months now and her pressures are under control!

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