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Rory and Duke

Anxiety, Separation Anxiety

The only thing that has helped both of my pups has been the max cbd treats. I give them some almost daily and they RARELY limp if at all! Rorys anxiety is so much better and we are all so happy.

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We must report that our Toy Yorkie Hadly does get evening anxiety & with the support of the Canna pet advanced Small CBD supplement she has really improved with her anxiousness!!

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Hi…this is Lynn Edwards and this is Zoey…we live in South Carolina…Zoey is …well…who knows…10-12?…she is still able to get up on the loveseat and be a couch potato with her Canna Pet Advanced CBD for large dogs!

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Joint & Mobility Issues, Mobility Issues Dachshund

I got the Canna Biscuits (Banana and Maple Bacon) for my 6 year old dachshund that had surgery on his leg. Now he’s sprinting again around the house chasing our cat or outside running around chasing the birds. These treats have been amazing for him.

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Dió (Walnut)

Epilepsy, Lupus

She loves Canna-Pet Organic Biscuit Assortment, especially the Maple Bacon one 🙂 The first product that really helped, the biscuits are the main therapy for her.

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Silvya Rose

Cancer Pug

The CBD we give her twice daily help so much with her cough and her sleep. She’s 13 and will stay on Canna-pet CBD for the rest of her life.

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Digestive Issues, Inappetence, Joint Pain

Before canna-pet she would sometimes have issues jumping up onto the couch and bed. We’ve also noticed that the canna-pet helps her appetite, so she’s eating more of her prescription digestive food! I’m very grateful that I tried canna-pet and I will definitely continue to buy this product for her and all the other dogs I have in the future!

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Seizures Chihuahua

After talking with Roxy’s neurologist, he suggested that we add Canna-Pet along with phenobarbital to try to lessen them. After about 3 months of adding it to her food and doing lots of blood work to monitor her levels because there is no set amount suggested for a 5-pound chihuahua, we thought we might have a good plan as they lessened to one every few days.

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His tumors remained stable for a very long time. They have now spread to his spleen and pancreas but he still continues to have a good appetite and some quality of life. I attribute that to Canna Pet.

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Joint Pain, Mobility Issues

We tried all kinds of joint supplements and nothing else worked until we tried Canna Pet. No more hesitation to jump, she is her active self again and with just one or two doses a day!

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Anxiety, Mobility Issues Weimaraner

Canna Pet CBD Maple Bacon Biscuits really made a difference in our Weimaraner Bailey. She’s a senior and was having some difficulty walking- After a few months eating her ‘cookies’, her mobility and anxiety have improved tremendously!

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Seizures American Pit Bull Terrier

My 10 year old Pitt has been doing great and has been 27 days seizure free since starting the cannapet pills. He sleeps peacefully, still has energy during the day and definitely has less anxiety.

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Cancer, Inappetence

My vet suggested I try, in addition to her medication, some CBD oil and gave me Canna-Pets website info. Best. Decision. Of. My. Life!!!!

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Arthritis, Seizures, Tremors

Cannapet has greatly helped my dog with tremors and seizures caused by what the vet thinks is meningitis or encephalitis. It also helps her arthritis. It’s a vital part of her regimen.

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Showing 25 – 48 of 1227 Testimonials