Koda's Breeds:

I have actually used these biscuits for several years for an older dog i had that had several anxiety with lightening and thunder. She would start shaking uncontrollably and I cry. With these biscuits she was able to relax and even sleep during a storm. So we decided to try them when she got older for her failing hips and pain. They worked wonders! She didn’t have to take the pain meds the vet gave us for her. She sadly passed away at the age of 16 in dec. her name was Belle and a very sweet black lab. She is deeply missed. Now we have a new puppy that we rescued that has severe anxiety and separation anxiety. Is like to once again try these on the new dog to see if they help. I can’t leave him for even 10 mins, in a kennel even, without him flipping out when I come back. He cries and whines like I have been gone for days and jumps around to the point hw almost hurts himself. I’m hoping these calm his anxiety like they did my last dog. His name is Koda and he is only 5 months old. He is a biased collie lab mix. Picture is of Koda.