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Aging, Anxiety Dachshund

Thank goodness for your treats… It has helped her calm down and has immensely improved her quality of life. As her time with us winds down, it’s nice to know she can be more of her old self… Thank you for your Maple Bacon biscuits!

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Aging, Arthritis, Bone Pain, Joint Pain, Pain Labrador Retriever

Ares is a 14-yr old lab-mix with severe arthritis. We were introduced to Canna-Pet by our veterinarian to use as supplement to other medications. We did notice a big difference in his mobility after a few of days of steady use. We are very happy with the results.

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Aging, Bone Pain, Joint Pain, Pain Labrador Retriever

To say his response to the CBD was miraculous is an understatement. He has not had a tramadol for over five months, is hiking every day and best of all we took him pheasant hunting last week! He was so excited and despite the intense exercise he was fine the next morning and NO LIMP!

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Anxiety, Pain, Skin Issues German Shepherd Dog

Anxiety, which was not like him, was also becoming an issue. Blood work was non-conclusive, treatments for different things to see if they would help didn’t. BUT the Canna-biscuits seemed to help him be far less anxious and much less itching and pain. I am definitely ordering again. Thanks for a great product!

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Seizures Bichon Frise

My Bichon has been on canna-pet for just a week and already he is showing positive signs of improvement. I will keep you posted on how he is doing 🙂

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Anxiety Bulldog

The CBD treats from Canna pet cut back the tremors substantially and reduce his anxiety by quite a bit!
We have tried many things for his anxiety including calming chews (which only made him drowsy,) but CBD treats seem to work great for him and he still can be the fun loving dog that he is.

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Seizures Border Collie, Mixed

I hope our story can encourage others to try and I do hope that the CBD works for them as well. I am ever so grateful that I came across Canna-pet and frequently share my story with people who say they know somebody or their dog has seizures

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Aging, Arthritis, Pain Labrador Retriever

I started giving him your dog treats, coupled with a higher dose CBD oil for dogs (if you make one, I’ll buy it!). Well, today Gus led my other lab and I on a one mile walk, and has relaxed enough to accept more petting and be more of a friend to my other lab. I haven’t wanted to mess with seizure meds but he’s off pain killers.

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Anxiety Labrador Retriever

A friend recommended Canna-Pet and I started Odin on biscuits about 3-4 months ago.The change in him has been very positive. Since we have had so much success with Odin we have started giving our 12 year old pit mix biscuits as well.

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Bone Pain, Joint Pain, Pain Cane Corso

It was awful seeing our sweet boy in pain so we tried Canna-Pet to offer him comfort. Since then he is back to his playful puppy self & we are happy Canna-Pet customers!

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