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Marley Caputo

Allergies, Pain American Pit Bull Terrier

We started giving Marley Canna-Pet biscuits after his first ACL tear (the second one came soon after) and never turned back!! We love what Canna-Pet did for him when we was in pain, but also for his allergies and his silky smooth coat! Canna-Pet has become a staple for our pup!

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Santo Tomas

Aging, Cancer, Cat Cancer, Cat Nausea, Nausea

Canna-Pet is great for palliative care and for treating nausea in elder-cats that are gradually dying from cancer, yet still have quality of life and clearly want to live. Canna-Pet was the only thing that worked and gave Santo Tomas great rest and a good appetite.

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dog seizures, Seizures, seizures in dogs Mixed, Chihuahua

I heard about Cannapet for seizures and started her on it. Almost a year later is is only taking .3ml of seizure meds and 1 capsule am and pm of cannapet. She has had only 1 seizure that I know of and it was very mild. I will continue her cannapet for as long as she is with me. She loves the biscuits too!

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Anxiety Australian Shepherd

When we brought her to the vet in June 2018, he instantly recommended Canna-Pet products to help her calm down. We started her almost 30 days ago and the results were amazing. This is a different dog and she looks forward to her dosages in the morning and night. The effect on our dog was unimaginable.

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Aging, Inflammation, Pain American Pit Bull Terrier

I quickly remembered the Canna Pet biscuits and gave him a capsule. A few hours later he was up asking to go out for a walk. I’m sure you hear this a lot but your product is a miracle. Here is Petey trotting down the trail. Thank you very much for helping us.

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Seizures, seizures in dogs Australian Shepherd, Pug, Mixed

When she started to have them more frequently I decided to try canna pet. She now goes from 10-13 days with a seizure. A big change from every 4-5 days. Though I wish the distance between each get seizure was longer , I am grateful that something is working better than all others that we have tried.

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Aging, Appetite Miniature Poodle

Someone recommended Canna-Pet and we decided to try it. What an amazing difference! Beau is happy, hungry, spirited, and I swear his cataracts are improved! He is a much healthier dog in every way. I have recommended Canna-Pet to friends all over the world!

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Anxiety, Separation Anxiety Australian Shepherd

Putting Jax on Canna Pet, has been one of the best decisions I have made for him. He is a much happier dog. We never come home to accidents in the house anymore, things destroyed, or items knocked off the counters or tables.

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Cancer, Pain Mixed

Our veterinarian Dr. Linda James recommended Canna-Pet. We have been giving him the liquid canna-pet 2 to 3 times per day. Dobie is doing remarkably well and my spouse and I feel that Canna-Pet has been very helpful with Dobie’s recovery.

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dog seizures, Seizures, seizures in dogs Shih Tzu, Mixed

I knew I needed something more permanent (if it was out there), so I visited a local holistic vet who recommended Canna-Pet. I won’t deny I was skeptical at first, but after giving it a try, I discovered it was a life-changer! Mo has gone from having sometimes 10 seizures a month, to maybe 3-4 a year!

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Appetite, Cancer, Nausea French Bulldog

Bello is now 8 yrs old and while his lymphoma has recently returned, the liquid canna-pet is a regular part of his treatment regimen and I am a firm believer that Bello’s remission is due in large part to canna-pet’s ability to keep him free from nausea, increase his appetite and overall well being so that he eats, takes his herbal supplements and keeps his weight on. Bello has almost tripled the regular remission time period for dogs with lymphoma.

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dog seizures, Seizures, seizures in dogs Border Collie

He develop epilepsy at the age of 5 and until we started with Cannapet his seizures were very close together in time. Since Canna-Pet we have been able to extend the time span between episodes.

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