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Joey LOVES her Turkey flavored Canna-Pet Biscuits. When COVID 19 hit and routines were changed, Joey became very anxious. She was pacing, digging, and panting that it was so concerning, we took her to the vet. Two biscuits is all it takes. It calms her down and helps her to be OK. They’re PERFECT!

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Arthritis, mobility issues

Nala has arthritis in her hips and she still loves going for walks and keeps up a good pace. I think it has really helped with her mobility.

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Anxiety, fear of fireworks, Thunderstorm Anxiety

When we started Canna-Pet Max CBD oil, she immediately calmed down and even slept through some of the scary noise. I have no doubt this product has helped ease her anxiety A LOT.

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Arthritis, back leg, Hip Dysplasia (HD), mobility issues, Pain Golden Retriever

After being on the Canna-Pet large pill for over a month, we have been able to reduce the arthritis medication by half thankfully. He seems much more comfortable and enjoying his senior years more. The goal was to help with the pain management and mobility in a non-invasive way and it truly seems to be helping.

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Cluster Seizures, Seizures Border Collie, Mixed

Apollo is an adorable Border Collie mix who started having seizures around 4 years old. I decided to try adding the Advanced MaxCBD capsules into the mix to see if it would help. We started this in January and since then, we’ve gotten about eight weeks between seizures and the first time he had a seizure after starting the CBD, we were able to get him out of it by just giving him extra Keppra between his other meds.

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Willie “Hall of Fame”

Arthritis, Pain

Willie, who we call our “Hall of Fame” dog has had arthritis for a couple of years. I found Canna-Pet. Willie is so much better! She seems much happier and has some life in her again.

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Capitu started to have Canna Pet after having some slight seizures and since then she’s completely free from these episodes.

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Anxiety, Recurring lumps on leg Dachshund

We started him on your CBD drops as soon as we received it in the mail. He doesn’t cry anymore and seems much happier. I’m so glad we found you!

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Our dog Addie has had epilepsy since she was 2. She has been on CBD since Christmas and has been seizure free for 6 months!! It has truly changed her life

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Anxiety, Fear

Since starting her on Canna-Pet we have noticed a remarkable difference in her behavior. She rarely shakes anymore and has really opened up and become so much more loving.

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mobility issues Chihuahua, Pug, Mixed

I noticed he started slowing down and refusing to come with me some days. After a few weeks of Canna-pet treats in his diet (which he devours) he acts like a spring chicken and even jumps on the couch and bed. We thank you Canna-Pet!

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Epilepsy, Seizures Dachshund, Mixed

He has been epileptic his entire life and about a year ago the frequency of his seizures increased dramatically. We added in the Canna-Pet biscuits. He gets 2 biscuits, morning and night. Since then he’s been able to go for months instead of weeks without seizures.

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Epilepsy, Seizures

I have a senior dog named Jasper who has epilepsy and seizures. We tried your 30 hemp capsules and liked it, as well as another brand of hemp oil. Together, they relieve my dog so much. Thank you for your products. They make my dog happy and healthy.

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Vinnie & Jozie

Arthritis Pug

I have had them both on Canna-Pet products now for over 3 years. Both pugs were diagnosed with arthritis. Their mobility and walking improved after starting them on these products.

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Showing 73 – 96 of 1177 Testimonials