Health Issues:

Molly developed a large mass on her front left leg.  Due to a stomach issue we brought her to the vet where they diagnosed her with Osteosarcoma that had spread to her lungs.  It was a very grim diagnosis for our 11 year old rescue.  She was given some pain meds to try to keep her comfortable.  We inquired about the benefits of cannabis for pain and was encouraged to try Canna pet.  We ordered a 60 pill supply of the Advances – large breed and thought we’d give it a try to keep our Molly comfortable in her final days.  That was back in May 2022.  We have reordered a few times and it has become part of her daily routine.  She still has some bad sore days, but the good are still far outweighing the bad as she heads into her 4 month since her diagnosis. We will keep ordering it and giving it to her until her last breath.  Thank you Canna Pet for helping ease Molly’s pain and discomfort!