Health Issues:

My furbaby, Luna, was diagnosed with cancer 14 months ago. My vet suggested I try, in addition to her medication, some CBD oil and gave me Canna-Pets website info. Best. Decision. Of. My. Life!!!! Luna was given 3-6 months to live and is now 14 months past diagnosis. Her vets are in awe of her and while her time here on earth is coming to an end, I believe that Canna-Pet played a HUGE roll in her health and success so far! We have been using the CBD Max oil a couple times a day and I fully believe that it has helped slow her tumors growth,  keep her appetite up, keep her pain level down, and overall just live a more comfortable life! I am a full supporter of this company and have suggested it to everyone I know that has pets! I will continue using this product as long as it is being produced!! Thank you so much Canna-Pet!!