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Cancer American Pit Bull Terrier

2 months ago my best buddy, Dude, was diagnosed with a nasal cancer. After researching the best CBDs to add to his treatment we found Canna Pet. We immediately noticed a change in his energy level and mood after the first dose.

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Cancer, mobility issues

I decided to try the cannapet for my dogs stiffness, doctors wanted him on another medication with common side effects I was Leary. So I ordered and he actually rests nicely.

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Bone Cancer, Cancer

I really think we would have had to without Canna pet. Within about a day and a half her pain was greatly reduced. We had a wonderful summer with Gracie.

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Liver Cancer

My dogs name is Jack and he has liver cancer. I was told about cbd capsules and your company from my daughter’s sister in law who used it on her cat for the same condition. So far so good.

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Mast Cell Tumors

Gidget (rescued with Cricket) was diagnosed with Mast Cell Tumors in 2014. She went on Canna-Pet when Buggy did and hasn’t had a tumor since.

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Heart Defects, Mast Cell Tumors

He was being breed over and over with a congenital heart defect. 18 months ago he was diagnosed with Mast Cell Tumors. After the tumor was removed we went 3 hours into the next state to see a holistic vet, the vet put Buggy on Canna-Pet and he has been cancer free since.

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Allergies, Lethargy, Tumors, Weakness Labrador Retriever

My dog Ollie, a 9 year old Lab got really sick and remained so for 6 months in 2018. Canna-pet seemed to be a leader in this treatment and we ordered Canna-Pet Advanced. His tumors went down and his rash went away and now, mid 2019 he is back to walking 2 miles every morning, sometimes he seems like a puppy again.

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Elvis has been on CBD from Canna-pet for about 1 month. His improvement has been dramatic. He has a stomach tumor and was having a lot of pain; now he appears to be pain-free.

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Cancer, mobility issues

Emma has cancer and mobility issues caused by arthritis. She is no longer sleeping all the time, much happier, and comfortable!

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Breast Cancer

Kes was diagnosed with mammary cancer in September 2018, she has been on canna pet advanced for small dogs since then.

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Arthritis, Bone Cancer

A friend told me about Canna-pet biscuits back in Dec because Rock has shoulder and elbow arthritis. Then in Feb he was diagnosed with bone cancer so I added the Advanced capsules. I really think Canna-pet products have helped him stay comfortable, and also helps keep his appetite up which is key to optimal health.

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Lymphoma Golden Retriever

My golden retriever was diagnosed with lymphoma almost 3 months ago and given a few weeks. We threw out all the vet meds and started using Canna Pet Max CBD oil only. The tumors in his neck are only 1/3 of what they were.

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Arthritis, Cancer Mastiff, Mixed

She was given a year to live diagnosed with cancer and severe knee arthritis. She was seemed so depressed. A friend told me to try canna-pet, I noticed a change in her with in the first week.

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Mouth Cancer Mixed

She is battling with mouth cancer for the second time and unfortunately the only thing we can do at this point is to give her pain medication and Canna-pet!

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We have been using Canna Pet for awhile now and he is more like his happy, playful self again! He’s had 2 surgeries to remove cancerous tumors in the last 6 months, and still is doing well!

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Bone Cancer Rottweiler

Our precious Rottweiler Layla was diagnosed with bone cancer almost 3 years ago. Immediately I searched for different remedies and stumbled upon Canna-Pet from the recommendation of someone in our vet’s office.

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Liver Cancer Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamute

If I could give my best educated guess, she is cancer free. When we moved to Ohio all our neighbors, and maintenance workers saw Kaya at her worst. Now she is known as the miracle pup! It is all because of canna-pet! Monday, March 11, we celebrate her 11th birthday.

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Cancer, Tumors

She’s been on them since August of 2018, and we’ve seen no reaccurance. She’s a happy healthy girl!! She plays and plays . We’ll keep her on the biscuits as they are helping kill the cancer cells.

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Cancer Bearded Collie

My nearly 16-year-old bearded collie Penelope was diagnosed With hemangiosarcoma six months ago. A friend suggested canna pet biscuits in along with some Chinese herbs. i’m happy to say my girl is still hanging in there and actually going pretty strong for her age.

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