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Arthritis, Cancer Rottweiler, Mixed

I started to give Annie CBD oil in addition to her meds. Annie is still with us, and she is happy and has quality of life. Her motricity is worse due to the arthritis, but she is not in pain, has good appetite and looks happy. By the way, the last time she got a chest X-ray, the tumor didn’t show any substantial change in size in compared to the size it had at diagnosis time.

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Mast Cell Tumors Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Mixed

I have been ordering and using canna-pet advanced large CBD supplements for a year now. We were told this time last year that Bonham (9 year old staffi/cross) and a rescue, had MCT’s and 2 months to live. Bonham has been taking this for a year now and still with us.

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Cancer Jack Russell Terrier

A friend recommended Canna-Pet which has prolonged her little rescue terriers life, post surgery. So far so good and Pip seems to have found a new lease of life.

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Tumors Boston Terrier

She had radiation and is dealing with some post radiation issues but other than that she is happy and healthy….and walks 3 miles a day! I have used Canna pet the whole time… it must be helping!!

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This company has done their research and made it easy to give to you pet with beneficial outcomes.

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Arthritis, Lymphoma

I started him on CBD immediately. It has not cured the cancer (the lymph nodes are much larger) but I truly believe it is responsible for slowing the progression way down. As an added benefit, I believe it helps with his senior boy arthritis.

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Mast Cell Tumors

Cannapet and a grain free non-GMO diet work together and have completely slowed down the cancer and the Cannapet helps her arteritis too!

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Bladder Cancer

Abbey is turning 12 in November and was diagnosed last month with terminal bladder cancer. Since she’s been taking the advanced CBD pills. Since she been on them she has had more energy and shown less signs of urgency to urinate.

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Cancer American Pit Bull Terrier

2 months ago my best buddy, Dude, was diagnosed with a nasal cancer. After researching the best CBDs to add to his treatment we found Canna Pet. We immediately noticed a change in his energy level and mood after the first dose.

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Cancer, mobility issues

I decided to try the cannapet for my dogs stiffness, doctors wanted him on another medication with common side effects I was Leary. So I ordered and he actually rests nicely.

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Bone Cancer, Cancer

I really think we would have had to without Canna pet. Within about a day and a half her pain was greatly reduced. We had a wonderful summer with Gracie.

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Liver Cancer

My dogs name is Jack and he has liver cancer. I was told about cbd capsules and your company from my daughter’s sister in law who used it on her cat for the same condition. So far so good.

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Mast Cell Tumors

Gidget (rescued with Cricket) was diagnosed with Mast Cell Tumors in 2014. She went on Canna-Pet when Buggy did and hasn’t had a tumor since.

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Heart Defects, Mast Cell Tumors

He was being breed over and over with a congenital heart defect. 18 months ago he was diagnosed with Mast Cell Tumors. After the tumor was removed we went 3 hours into the next state to see a holistic vet, the vet put Buggy on Canna-Pet and he has been cancer free since.

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Allergies, Lethargy, Tumors, Weakness Labrador Retriever

My dog Ollie, a 9 year old Lab got really sick and remained so for 6 months in 2018. Canna-pet seemed to be a leader in this treatment and we ordered Canna-Pet Advanced. His tumors went down and his rash went away and now, mid 2019 he is back to walking 2 miles every morning, sometimes he seems like a puppy again.

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Elvis has been on CBD from Canna-pet for about 1 month. His improvement has been dramatic. He has a stomach tumor and was having a lot of pain; now he appears to be pain-free.

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Showing 1 – 24 of 159 Testimonials