Tazz (dad) & Junior (his son)

Tazz (dad) & Junior (his son)'s Breeds:

We have an 8 year old, 125 lb Rhodesian Ridgeback who was diagnosed with mast cell cancer about 3 – 4 months ago. The vet found 3 tumors on his legs. After surgery (she felt she got it all) we were given the option of chemo but knowing how hard that can be on a body, we opted for homeopathic treatments. (Quality of life over Quantity). Knowing that cancer thrives on sugar & carbohydrates (which are processed as sugar in the body), we immediately took both our dogs off commercial foods & started making what they ate. Since we live ketogenic, it was easy to switch the “boys” over. In the process of learning about that, I found that it’s very hard to find CBD oil or vitamins that are really made from cannabis. Apparently plain cannabis can be toxic for dogs, you need the oil. Or so the vet told us. She recommended Canna-pet. Along with a couple of other remedies I found in the books I’ve been reading about canine cancer, He’s been getting Canna-Pet twice daily. We’ve found no more tumors & he’s feeling great. Even wants to play with his 2 year old son. It’s a good thing we live out in the country since they like to go “walk about” & can be gone for over an hour. LOL I would appreciate some feed back on the dosage I should be giving him considering his size. Thanks so much Canna-Pet. We’re hoping to keep getting the wonderful results we’ve seen so far.