Health Issues:
Annie's Breeds:

Our Annie is a very gentle 13+ year old Rottweiler mix girl. She was pickup by Animal Control in Northern Florida and because her extraordinary sweetness and even temperament, Animal Control called a Rottweiler rescue organization. We adopted her on November 2007, after we lost our prior Rottweiler Roxy. Annie, through the years, has been a tremendous companion that shared the house with a Pug, a 4.5 lb. Yorkie and a 10 lb Chihuahua. As she grow old, as we all do, she started to health issues. About 5 years ago, she started developing arthritis. At the end of 2015, we found a “mass” by her elbow. A cytology came back with bad news: it was malign. The mass was surgically removed in January 2016. She recovered, and everything looked good until the Summer of 2017 her spleen needed to be removed due to a huge mass. Annie is a trooper and recovered. Our 2 times cancer survivor wasn’t herself in January 2019, so I took her to her doctor. The news were devastating: her doctor found on the X-rays a mass on her chest, deep and inaccessible. Nothing could be really done due to her medical history, age and size. The prognosis was bad. The doctor said it would be a miracle if she could see another Christmas. I started researching for supplements to complement her vet medications, and found several articles in multiple dog publications about the benefits of CBD oil in treatment of arthritis and cancer in dogs. I researched for reviews of different CBD oils for dogs and the name Canna-Pet came back in multiple searches. I started to give Annie CBD oil in addition to her meds. Annie is still with us, and she is happy and has quality of life. Her motricity is worse due to the arthritis, but she is not in pain, has good appetite and looks happy. By the way, the last time she got a chest X-ray, the tumor didn’t show any substantial change in size in compared to the size it had at diagnosis time. Thank you Canna-Pet to help extend the quality and quantity of life of our Annie.