Health Issues:

Two years ago, Stella was diagnosed with 6 lung tumors: one big & 5 little ones. The oncologist back then said that Stella did not have much time left and wanted her to start chemotherapy. I did not want to put her through chemo, so I immediately researched and read that CBD was found to shrink tumors in canines. I heard from a friend that he used Canna-Pet for his dog that had a tumor and his dog was doing well. I bought it right away. I just took Stella to the oncologist yesterday.  She was impressed with how well Stella was doing and that the CBD was a good choice. Stella only has the one large tumor and the 5 little ones have shrunk. The oncologist’s exact word of “impressed” made me know that I made the right choice. Stella is still energetic, happy, and symptom free even with the large tumor still there. I have recommended Canna-Pet to everyone I know that has a fur baby. It has given me more time with Stella and for that, I thank you!