Montee's Breeds:

Two and a half years ago, my Cocker Spaniel started having seizures out of nowhere. Once he started having the seizures, it was also like he had aged 10 years. (Even though he was almost 12, he had been peppy and full of life until then). I thought that I was going to lose him. I reached out to a friend on FB who lives in Seattle and does cannabis research and had also had an older dog. I told him my story and he said the same thing happened to his dog and he recommended your product. So needless to say, I bought the three pack of the CBD biscuits and within weeks my Montee was back to himself again. I mean I did also give him Cosequin and sAME powder. But I know your biscuits were the reason I got to keep him with me for 2.5 more years. Unfortunately, he got sick and passed one week ago 💔 but I feel so lucky and thankful I had so much more time with him. He turned 14 this month. And two years ago, the vet told me he MIGHT live another year. Oh, and by the way, he only had one more seizure after I started giving him your product.

Thank you so much and I tell everyone about your company!