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I just wanted to say Jax LOVES the Canna-Pet biscuits and they help him so much with anxiety. So glad we found you Canna-Pet!

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Anxiety, mobility issues Australian Shepherd

I can’t believe the difference this has made in Gracies life! She’s a 10 year old Aussie. Her barking has decreased by 75% and she’s not as sore or stiff, Canna-Pet has changed her life!

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Travel Anxiety

The Canna-Pet biscuits are perfect for her! We got Macy as a rescue, and she has always been nervous for car rides. I was nervous about the hour-long drive with her, but after giving her two biscuits before the ride, she was great! She was calm and did not get sick, like she normally would.

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Anxiety, Travel Anxiety Border Terrier

This is my 15 year old Border Terrier, Leo. We do lots of RV traveling. Riding in the car presents no problem for Leo. But Leo does not like to ride in the RV. He gets very anxious and nervous. Not since I got Canna-Pet for him.

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Anxiety Bulldog

Since I’ve been using Canna pet for my Bulldog BooBoo, he has calmed some from his extreme obsession with his ball.

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Separation Anxiety

Our dog Cosmo is deaf and has severe separation anxiety. Since we began giving him 2 canna biscuits per day, his symptoms have greatly subsided.

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Anxiety, Arthritis Labrador Retriever

My 12 year black lab, Bodie suffers from anxiety and arthritis. I ordered the biscuits (Bodie loves the peanut butter flavor) and the Canna-Pet Advanced capsules, I noticed immediate results. He is now calm and when he does experience pain from arthritis I give him a capsule before bedtime and he sleeps all night.

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Stella and Jazzy

Anxiety, fear of fireworks, mobility issues, Thunderstorm Anxiety Mastiff

I bought the deal with the 3 flavors of Canna-Pet biscuit treats and the Capsules Advanced Large. And my fur babies love them all. So thank you so much Canna pet for making such a good quality CBC product for our fur babies and making life good for us and them.

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Anxiety, Arthritis, Senior/Geriatric Labrador Retriever, Mixed

Harmony is my rescued lab mix that we adopted as a puppy on our honeymoon. She’s now 13 & has been being treated for arthritis and anxiety for 4 years. What a HUGE difference it’s made for my girl. It’s been about 2 months now, she’s way calmer, moves much better, gets up on her own and likes to play with her toys again, she doesn’t sundown at night or pant much anymore, she enjoys her walks again and wants to walk much further, and her appetite is back!

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fear of fireworks, Thunderstorm Anxiety Border Collie

I’ve been using Canna-biscuits for 4 years and they work every time. She’s still a bit anxious, but doesn’t shake, doesn’t try to climb all over me. I think the best description of what it helps her do is self-regulate.

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Anxiety, Shivering American Pit Bull Terrier, Mixed

His energy is back. His skin doesn’t shiver when I touch his hind legs. He’s running again. Thank you Canna-pet! I’m hoping it continues to improve but am so grateful for his happiness now.

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Anxiety, Separation Anxiety

He is the sweetest most loving doggie but suffers from separation anxiety and general nervousness. We started giving him the Canna Pet maple bacon treats about a month and a half ago and the difference is striking. We are so pleased with the effectiveness of the CBD treats and Clancy just gobbles them up!

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Anxiety, Digestive Issues

My little guy, Toshi, is a rescue from Jamaica and has had some stomach and anxiety issues from the start. It’s been a little over a week since he’s been taking the Advanced capsules with his food, and I’ve already noticed improvement.

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Kato, Aicha & Noa

Anxiety, Stress

Kato and Aicha has change for only the best,since we started the CBD biscuit! My big boy Kato is more relaxed and his daughter Aicha is always following him in whatever he does!

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I rescued Wassabi at 2 years old from living in a crate in the basement. He suffers from many anxieties because of living like that for over 7 months. He’s a super sweet boy until he gets scared. Canna-pet helps him take the edge off and not stress without a trigger near by.

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Mabel suffers from extreme anxiety. Within 2-3 weeks of canna-pet capsules, we noticed a substantial difference in Mabel’s anxiety.

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Anxiety, Thunderstorm Anxiety Miniature Schnauzer

I have a 6.5 year old mini schnauzer named Rudi who suddenly developed a fear of thunderstorms, fireworks, and the sound of my sister-in-law’s African Grey Parrot named Augie. So, I ordered your Canna-Biscuits (Maple Bacon) to give them a try. If I know we are expecting bad weather, fireworks, or a visit to my sister-in-law, I give Rudi a biscuit first thing in the morning and again 12 hours later. She is practically a different dog!!!

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