My dog, Callie (16lbs), is a rescue.  She was found on the side of a rural road in a metal crate left with her brother to die.  As a result, she is plagued by social anxieties and phobias.  One of these is riding in our RV.  She will pant, shiver and whine (oddly, unless the window was open) until we are all about insane. We have tried the whole “positive association” thing, Chamomile and St. John’s Wort supplements, even mild sedatives, and honestly, nothing would calm her down.  When I was doing yet more searching for a “Miracle product” that would cure her, on the bottom of the article was a recommendation for Canna-Pet hemp/CBD products.  I clicked out of skepticism, not believing CBD was capable of curing a sniffle, and was so surprised to see the thousands of positive reviews; I bought a box of Max and 1 box of Advanced biscuits to try out for our upcoming vacation trip.  SHE WAS LIKE A DIFFERENT DOG.  She actually slept!  This was a huge deal for us!  The windows remained closed, there was ZERO drooling, panting or shaking, and she was peacefully calm for hours.  We know this is thanks to Canna-Pet, because when the effect began to wear off (about 10 hours) she would start with her behavior all over again.  To encourage her to eat (and absorb them faster!), we grind the biscuits and mix them with crunchy treats and she loves them!  With Canna-Pet taking the edge off her fear, she has started to enjoy traveling, and with it no longer associates with fear of the unknown, but peaceful, chill out time with her people.  We have been able to decrease her dose and have her remain a calm and happy dog. This product is a lifesaver, and if I have any other issues with my pets, I now know where to turn. Thank you, Canna-Pet!